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Why Your Real Estate Agent Website Sucks: HOW YOU CAN FIX IT !!

real estate agent website sucks - Why Your Real Estate Agent Website Sucks:  HOW YOU CAN FIX IT !!


Most Real Estate Agent websites are annoying.

The majority of these websites are just template-based with poor user experience.

They offer no tangible value to their visitors and that’s why they do not generate leads.

Dominating a local market on the internet is not hard provided you pay attention to your website’s user experience.

Although dominating local search on the internet does not lead to instant transactions, however, it portrays you as an authority to your prospective clients.

Keep reading this article to find out why your real estate agent website sucks at converting leads and the actions you can take to fix it.


You’re Creating A Bad First Impression

The first impression, they say, lasts long.

Your prospects will start having perceptions about your brand the moment they land on your real estate website. They can immediately decide whether they will keep checking out your website or not. They will also decide whether you have anything tangible to offer them or not.

To create a good first impression,

There are lots of factors that you need to consider, such as images, formatting, font, and copy.

If you want to know if your website is portraying a good impression about your brand, here are some questions that you need to provide honest answers to:


  • Is the copy compelling enough to keep the visitor on the website?
  • Do you understand what the website is all about if you scan the website for just 10 seconds?
  • Does the content speak to you and address your pain points?
  • Is the copy fun, easy to read, and engaging?
  • Is the brand represented by the copy?
  • Did you pay attention to the fonts, colors, and design of the website?

An average site visitor will leave your website within 30 seconds or less if you did not cover the key factors contained in the questions above.


A Website That Is Not Mobile-Responsive

About 30 percent of the traffic coming to your website is from mobile devices.

That’s not good news if you’re the type of real estate agent that is using a website provided by a real estate broker. Most brokers have websites that are not mobile-friendly.

If you want to have a real estate agent website that attracts high-quality leads, then you need a mobile-responsive website (not a mobile website).

Mobile-responsive websites will adjust to the screen of the device they are on.

You can’t do without a mobile responsive real estate agent website if you want your agency to grow.

For you to have a good real estate agent website, you need to have calls-to-action that act uniquely on mobile.

Since users that are using their mobile phones to search are looking for fast results, you need to have calls-to-action that are massive and colorful. The calls-to-action must give your visitors what they want.

If you want to attract qualified leads, ensure your real estate agent website has compelling calls-to-action, lead capture, and landing pages that are unique on mobile.


Spamming Your Real Estate Agent Website With Marketing Slogans

Having reviews on your website will help you earn more trust than marketing slogans.

No matter how catchy your slogans are, they won’t yield any tangible result if your reviews are not encouraging.

The best real estate agent websites focus on dishing out trust-building content and reviews. Such websites don’t contain spammy URLs and annoying slogans that do not align with the reviews on Yelp.


Not Having Social Proof On Your Website

If you want a prospective client to take you seriously, you need to have at least a Facebook Business page, Google+ page, Twitter page, Yelp Business page, Pinterest page, and Apple Maps page.

You need to have these pages for each of the cities that you intend to rank in.

You can outsource this so that you can focus on other essential aspects of your business.

You need to include the social links of each of the pages on your website. This will make your website legitimate and will encourage Google to rank your website.

Using Google content like Google Maps, YouTube, Google News, Google Trends, and gulp-Google+ makes your real estate agent website Google-friendly.

The more of these contents that you incorporate on your website, the more Google’s bots will favor you in the ranking.

Having these contents on your website will also make a user spend a long time on your website. When a user stays long on your website, it gives Google the impression that your website is valuable and this boosts your ranking in search results.

You can keep users on your website for long by adding videos and articles that are more than 250 words. Ensure that the articles (or blog posts) offer value.


Not Offering Value To Your Audience

If your real estate agent website does not generate leads, you need to ask yourself if your website offers any specific value.

What do you offer that your website visitors cannot get anywhere else? Your content and your service must be valuable. You need to focus on these two areas.

Provide content that addresses their specific needs and describe how your service meets these needs.

You can provide a FREE tour of the best properties in the locality of your site visitors.

This is a good marketing strategy as it will:

  • Give website users an in-depth look at your services.
  • Keep users on your website for a long period.
  • Increase the chance of the user checking out the location of the properties.


Apart from making your website Google-friendly, all these will also help portray you as an expert in your field; thereby making it easier for you to generate qualified leads.



Do you have an impressive real estate agent website?

What steps are you taking to keep your website visitors coming back to your website?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Do you want to learn more about how you can build a website that doesn’t suck? Check out our article on “The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Website Guide.”

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