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5 Things You Want from Your Real Estate App Developer

real estate app developer

The real estate industry and technology seem to go hand-in-hand.

While some niches resist new tech to their dying breath, most realtors are only too eager to learn what new inventions exist that can make their lives easier.

Fortunately for them, there are plenty of options.

There are apps now that allow them to communicate with clients more easily than ever before. 

There are software suites they can use to learn what houses are about to go on the market, which areas are heating up, as well as neighborhoods where home values are about to plummet.

Perhaps you’re a realtor, and you’re more interested in creating a proprietary app for your business rather than using an existing one. There are more than a few compelling reasons to do so. However, if you decide this makes sense for you, you’ll need to contact a designer or development team, assuming you don’t have the technical know-how and the time to create the app yourself.

Here’s what to look for in that designer or team.

They Should Have Some Experience

Every realtor app developer that you talk to should have some prior experience on which they can draw. You don’t want to use a team or individual who:

  • Has never created a real estate app before
  • Lacks fundamental knowledge of typical real estate app features

It’s just the same as hiring a defense lawyer. You wouldn’t want someone arguing on your behalf in court who has never before in their life stood in front of a judge.

Make sure and ask the team or individual who you approach some pointed questions about prior real estate apps they created. Have them show you samples of their recent portfolios, so you can judge easily with projects with their old clients.

They Ought to Know at Least a Little About Real Estate

The app designer or team you use doesn’t have to be realtors themselves, but they should already know about real estate websites and apps.

You probably want to customize your app somewhat.

However, there are some necessities  virtually every app will have.

For instance, you might want yours to feature:

  • A readily-accessible client index, with names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A list of homes in your city or area that you can cross-reference according to client needs
  • Multiple ways to easily contact other sales force members

If the person or team you approach doesn’t know these things about real estate, then that probably means they’re not the right choice for the job.

The Right Price

You’re also not going to want to pay more than you can easily afford, or you think is reasonable. You probably do have a dollar amount in mind that you’re willing to spend based on the research you’ve done.

Talk to the top candidates and see which one meets that price.

Also, see if they want you to pay them according to how many hours they put in or whether they’d agree to a set rate. 

For website or app creation, the second option usually makes more sense if you can find someone who will agree to do it that way.

The Right Fee Structure

Speaking of money, you also want to use an individual or team willing to set up a fee structure that seems reasonable to you. Some app designers want a certain amount of money upfront, while others are okay with waiting till the project’s end when you’re satisfied with the deliverable.

If you’re flexible with how and when you pay, you can attract a wider talent pool. If you’re rigid about when the money will change hands, some designers won’t want to do business with you.

You Must Be Able to Get Along with Them

You also have to feel before you start the project that you’ll probably get along with these app designers since you’ll likely be working closely with them for weeks or months.

Your biggest concern will likely be communication. If you start a contract with someone and it takes them multiple days to get back to you if you have a query or concern, that will be a major headache. 

Do some background research and see if you can get some prior client feedback before signing a contract with anyone.

Ideally, you’ll easily find the individual or team who can create your dream proprietary realtor app. With this exciting new tech on your side, perhaps your business can take off like never before.

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