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Real Estate Company Vs Omonile – Why You Should ONLY buy from the Former !

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There many reasons why it’s better to buy a land from a real estate company, compared to an omonile. And here are six of the top reasons:

  • It is safer to buy from a real estate company;
  • Instalment payment;
  • Estates are better planned;
  • Estates tend to have more well-behaved people;
  • Estates feature basic amenities within short periods;

I did not only intend providing you with some reasons, but I will also be discussing them in details, and there we go.

Why buy land from a Real estate company instead of Omonile

I. It is safer to buy from a Real Estate Company

Safety is one of the top reasons why it’s better to buy from a real estate company, compared to an omonile. And I strongly believe this alone is enough reason to choose a company over omonile.

Very often, you’d see an omonile sell a land to someone; then after some years, when the person comes back to the land, they find out someone else has already started building on the land. And after some investigation, they discover that the person who sold them the land, also sold the land the other people. Then problem starts, and it isn’t uncommon to see people lose their lives in the process. This is only an example of the numerous things that happen when people buy from omoniles.

I’m not trying to say there aren’t credible omoniles. But finding them is extremely difficult.


When it comes to buying from real estate companies, hardly would you hear about problems. Once a real estate company sells a land to you, you can be assured no one would ever compete with you over that land.

In short, if you don’t want to ever be scammed, you should consider buying all your lands from real estates companies.


II.  Instalment Payment

Instalment payment is another reason why I like dealing with real estates companies.

A lot of times, when you want to secure a land from an omonile, you’d be asked for a one-time payment. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford a one-time payment. In other words, it isn’t uncommon to see people miss out on certain land opportunities.

However, when it comes to real estate companies, they often allow instalment payments.

In other words,

Those who have a hard time saving up money can now find it easy to buy lands, over the course many months. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to find real estate firms that allow one-time payments that span as long as three months.

Also, when real estates companies allow you to make instalment payments, the surcharge is often pretty small, compared to the price of the land. For instance, when trying to buy a land of N1.30 million, you might to asked to pay an additional N100,000 for an instalment payment that takes as long as 9 months.

In short, if you’re the kind of person who finds it quite difficult to save for a land, then instalment payment offered by real estate companies is another good reason to choose them over omoniles.

III. Estates are better planned

Living in an estate is more appealing, compared to living in an area that wasn’t planned. And very often real estates companies are the ones capable of providing lands in estates.

In unplanned residential areas, it isn’t uncommon to see houses that are not uniformly aligned. But you’d hardly see things like that in estates.

In estates, things like road, street light, etc are taken into consideration, when planning them. When these things are about to be created in the estate, there’s hardly ever a problem.

However, when it comes to unplanned areas, creating roads or doing some other things are full of issues, since they were never accounted for, in the first place. For instance, it isn’t uncommon to see some fences being brought down, when roads need to be paved in unplanned areas.

This might not be a cogent reason for some people, but if you’d like to live in an area designed to make your life easier, then you should choose an estate, over an unplanned area.

IV . Estates tend to have more well-behaved people


The kind of people living in an area is one of the things taken into consideration by people, when trying to buy a land. For instance, I know people who wouldn’t buy residential lands in places full of illiterates. I have also met people who wouldn’t love to live in areas where dirty waters are being poured on the road.

I have further met people who wouldn’t live in places where wastes are being emptied into the drainage, when the rain is falling. And if you’re one of such people, then you should consider an estate over an unplanned area.

Unplanned areas are often inhabited by random people, some are well-behaved, while some would be badly-behaved. And these badly-behaved people would often disgust you. However, in estates, people who live there tend to be quite educated and better-behaved.

And when interested in getting lands in estates, real estates companies are generally the entities providing such lands.

V. Estates feature basic amenities within short periods

If you’re not buying a land in a well-developed area, chances are that the area would have no road, street light, etc. And it’s most likely to take decades before the roads in your area get paved. In fact, there are times when paved roads and other important basic amenities wouldn’t be provided during your lifetime.

However, if you buy your land in an under-developed estate, it is almost certain that some basic amenities would have been taken into consideration, even though they might not be there at the moment. In other words, it’s only going to take a short period before the basic amenities of an estate get provided.

And if this quick provision basic amenities means something to you [for those who prefer buying their residential lands in under-developed places], then this is another reason to live in an estate, over a planned area.

And once again, real estate companies are generally the ones providing estate lands. In short, this is another reason to buy from a real estate company, compared to an omonile.


VI. Security

Security of lives and properties is a very important thing. But unfortunately, this thing is hardly taken into consideration, when unplanned areas are being inhabited. In other words, it’s very easy for robbers and all sorts of terrible people to carry out grave acts, without getting caught in unplanned areas.


When it comes to estates, security is a thing often taken into consideration, right from day one. For instance, estates often come with fences, gates, street lights, and many other features that ensure the security of lives and properties. But while these things are not 100-percent guarantee of no crime, they often help to drastically reduce the crime rates of estates.

So if security is a thing you are not willing to joke with, then you should consider an estate over an unplanned area.

But where can you get an estate land? Well, the best place to get an estate land is from a real estate company. We have many good real estates companies out there, so finding a good one should pose no challenge.


Since the cost of buying from real estate companies ain’t always significantly higher than buying from omoniles,

I see no reason why you shouldn’t naturally prefer a real estate company over an omonile, with all the reasons provided above.

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