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Real Estate Email Marketing Services

Collecting emails is one thing, but in order to get prospects to convert, you need to continually be working that list. Otherwise, you’re leaving cash on the table. We help real estate companies create email marketing strategies and campaigns that pop!

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What Is Email Marketing All About?

Email marketing is king when it comes to conversions. Last year, open rates in the Real Estate market averaged around 13% and click-throughs around 5%. The key to your firm’s success is to outsell your competition by increasing those numbers. This can easily be achieved with a solid email marketing strategy and implementation.

If you’re thinking that a quarterly or annual newsletter is enough to keep your clients interested in working with you, think again. People buy and sell homes every day. That means, on any given day, someone in your email list may be shopping for an agent to sell their home or help them find a new one.

One of the best tactics you can use to get new clients and stay the go-to agent for past ones is to keep your services top of mind. How do you do that? Through consistent touchpoints and engaging content. We will set these up for you, and even automate them, so there’s nothing left for you to do except work with your active clients.

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Why Do You Need Real Estate Email Marketing Services?

Automated Sales Funnel

That potential client on your email list – the one you worked so hard to connect with? Well, they haven’t heard from you in a while, and they completely forgot that you and your services exist. So, that client is sitting at their computer Googling real estate agents as we speak, and you just lost a sale. This is the sole reason to get going on automation. Stay top of mind and nurture your relationships with prospects and clients alike, on total autopilot.

Provide Even More Value

Everyone hates “salespeople” – they only show up when cash is on the horizon. Sadly, there are tons of real estate agents out there that still do this! Mind boggling, right? If you are able to show your clients that you care – even after your commission check has cleared, they’ll want to work with you again when they are ready to re-enter the market. And what better way to show them you care than by regularly keeping in touch digitally?

Spend More Time Where It Matters

If you are currently doing manual follow-ups with your client list, you are losing money. Your sole focus should be on your active client base. Did you know that the average person buys 4 to 5 homes over their lifetime? So, that client that you worked with last year – they may not be ready to buy again for a while, but by automating your touch points with them, they will come to you when they are ready. No more working through that cold list every week!

How We Helped One Agent Get Many Lifetime Clients Through Email Marketing

After getting tired of constantly working through his old list of contacts, an agent contacted us to start an email marketing initiative. After running it for a few weeks, an old client responded to one of the automated emails and was looking to sell his home. He had lost the realtors information – because it had been 9 years since they had worked together – and he was about to start looking for a new one. He was delighted to see the agent’s email in his inbox and reached out immediately to have him take on the new listing.

Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents


Content is King

Give your email list valuable information. And, they’ll perceive you as their go-to whenever your real estate services are needed.


Automate your Sales Funnel

Have your email list work for you. Stay top of mind for the real estate needs of all clients past, present, and future.


User Experience

Meet your users where they are. Email formatting for all devices is important. Save user frustration and have them focus on what you have to offer.

Why Choose Us For Your Real Estate Email Marketing Needs


Content Expertise

We look at real estate content all day. Our experts find the best stuff to share with your clients, ensuring that they get tons of value from their email touchpoints.


Strategy & Implementation

We will manage your email marketing end to end. From strategy to content generation, design, and automation. Wave goodbye to time-consuming manual list outreach for good.


Client First

Just as you put your clients first, we will put you first. We promise to make the experience of getting your email marketing set up and running a total breeze. Allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – serving your own clients.

How Efficient Is Real Estate Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides a wider range of opportunities for your real estate business because it creates a deeper and more personalized relationship with a wider audience. it helps expose your business and keep your company on the mind of your audiences while building trust by targeting content specifically to their needs.

Email marketing is a very efficient marketing method as it drives better ROI because your audience check their mails everyday.

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We have generated over 275,674 leads for our clients through Real Estate digital marketing.

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