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Your Real Estate”First Deal” will be one of your Toughest, and here are Tips TO Approaching it Correctly.

real estate first deal

As a new real estate agent, there are a lot of mistakes you will make. 

You are going to waste time on things you shouldn’t. You’re going to take steps you shouldn’t. You’re going to be clueless about some things. You won’t react in the best way, to certain things. If you’re not very careful, you may end up quitting.

And to prevent you from being one of those new agents who quit after 1 or 2 years, 

I’ll be providing you with some tips. If you take these tips seriously, your struggle as a new agent will be significantly less. So take these tips seriously.

The 6 tips

Profile everyone who shows interest, then pick out the true potential ones

One of the popular mistakes I’ve seen among new agents is — refusing to understand that not everyone who shows interest in your property is a true potential customer.

Some people will come to you like they’re genuinely interested in your property, but they will never buy, regardless of what you do. A new agent must realize this so that you can know who to focus on and who not to.

In other words, when you come across a new potential client, the first thing you should do is to look into the person. Ask yourself questions like — does this person seem like someone who can afford this property? Do you feel this person is really ready? How serious is their interest in the property? Then after gathering answers to questions like these, try to determine if the person is genuinely a potential customer or not.

By following this tip, you can avoid wasting time on people who won’t bring any value to your business.

Automate your business 

In today’s world of marketing, automation should be on your priority list to easy things out for your business operations. we’ve discussed the best ways to automate your real estate business in the past, and that should come handy reading through 

Build rapport with the potential customer

Human beings are brilliant creatures.


Hardly do people make decisions based on logic alone. Emotions play significant roles in the lives of people. But unfortunately, a lot of new agents don’t understand this. Because these agents aren’t aware of this, you’ll often see them selling to people, based on logic alone.

For instance…

Let’s assume you have to travel from Lagos to Abuja, using public transport.

You only have N10,000 on you and also need money for some other things. When you get to the motor park, you saw two public cars going to Abuja — a 2010 Toyota Camry and a 2020 Toyota Camry. Taking the 2004 Toyota Camry will cost you N8,300 while accepting the 2020 Toyota Camry will cost you N9,800.

If you’re asked to choose a car you’ll travel in;

I’m quite sure you’ll opt-in for the 2020 Camry, even though saving N1,500 will make a lot of sense. And this instance I’ve just given is an example of what I’m trying to point out here. 

Emotions always influence people’s decisions, so you should learn how to leverage people’s emotions healthily. 

You shouldn’t just approach them logically.

And when it comes to leveraging emotions, building rapport with a potential customer has proven to be a good way. Building rapport with a potential customer makes them develop some interest in you. And this interest can greatly increase the chances of them doing business with you.

Build some trust in the mind of the potential customer

The business world is a world filled with lies and deceit. And in a country like Nigeria, things are even worse.

In other words, when transacting business, one of the factors that now come into play is trust.

These days, 

In the real estate industry, without some level of trust, people will avoid doing business with you. They will instead find someone who they can trust. So, when you find a potential customer, one of the first things you should do is to build some level of trust in their mind.

Fair enough, building trust in the mind of people is relatively easy if you understand how to. But for those who don’t know how to, you can start by being transparent and honest in your dealings with potential customers.

Disconnect from the sales

“Disconnect from the sales” — I understand this sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s a genuine tip.

Under the 3rd tip, I informed you about the importance of quickly building trust in the mind of potential customers. 

However, if you’re not careful, you’ll make it permanently impossible to build trust in the mind of a customer. When dealing with potential customers, new agents are found to be pushy. They try to force a deal down their customer’s throat. And once the customer notices this desperation, they become skeptical about doing business with such a person — a thing you don’t want.

So in short, while trying to close your deal, avoid being pushy and desperate, to avoid losing your potential customer.

Create a sense of urgency in the potential customer’s mind

Another tip I’ll like to give is — always try to create a sense of urgency in the mind of potential customers.

The refusal to do this is a top reason why people lose customers who have already shown interest. When you give a customer too much time, you increase the chances of losing them to some other agent. But when you make the person feel like the deal wouldn’t be available for long, if the customer has an interest in the property,

They’ll close the deal in no time.

Final words

The tips I’ve shared will help to reduce the stress significantly you’ll have to go through, as a new agent. However, this doesn’t mean the tips above will eradicate all challenges. 

So even if you follow the tips, you should still expect a number of challenges.

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