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8 Real Estate Marketing Leads: Ideas to Get you Leads FASTER than other Brokers !


Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Tackling the Real Estate lead generation.

We all know how herculean it might be finding a place on  first-page result of Google. 

Before working with a strategy, you need to know the basics. Even if you outsource the marketing project to an agency,  you will be much more relevant understanding the concepts and taking part in executing the work. 

A good place to start is knowing your target keywords and sorting out those which good search volume, rankable by researching the competition and generating leads for your business. 

So let’s start with these 8 key ideas to get your real estate leads.

Identify Long Tail keywords that your competitors are using to position themselves in your local market

It is legal and strategic to audit the content published by competitors.

Identifying keywords used to position themselves on SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages), thanks to many tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush that comes handy for competition analysis.

Such method makes it possible to;

  1. Identify competitive “digital” agents in your local market.
  2. Analyze competing sites using digital marketing tools:
  • Traffic:  Alexa free version is already a good start.
  • Analyze the positioning of your competitors: SEMrush  free version also provides a lot of information
  • Determine the potential of keywords: Google AdWords will help you determine the most competitive keywords and therefore those used by your prospects on Google.

Summarize the keywords to position yourself by identifying “areas” to explore.

Create a niche to strengthen your position.

It can be very interesting to publish content covering the keywords of the niches surrounding the main theme of your real estate websites.

By taking your list of keywords (see point 1), writing content on these niche topics will allow you to position yourself as an authority.

Maintain your good positions by producing content on researched keywords consistently.

Getting your real estate website up in the first positions of search results and keeping it strong for the long term is not an easy task.

If you are already well placed on SERP, 

it’s ideal to focus on other researched keywords. Not necessarily, keeping a position already acquired may be more “profitable” than seeking to obtain a good positioning on a new keyword

Update obsolete content with recent and up-to-date information

It is always a good practice updating obsolete information on ranked pages.

Google is fond of website owners who regularly update their pages, this shows the efforts that are made to have an effective content strategy.

Make sure the images on your real estate website are optimized for the search engines.

In real estate, images are popular and essential to illustrate listings and attract the attention of your prospects. 

On the other hand, 

These same images will be of no use for your referencing if their attributes (Alt text) are not well optimized.

When creating a new article or a new page,

It is essential to add one or more images for the user experience. Optimizing the alt text with the right information about the images would help the search engine understand all that the images entail. 

Optimize your real estate website for smartphones and tablets now!

It’s no secret that the Internet is shifting to mobiles and tablets, and already accounts for more than 50% of traffic for real estate. 

Logically, since April 2015, Google has taken into account the mobile responsiveness of your real estate websites in its ranking factor.

It is therefore imperative to have a responsive real estate website for your projects first, but also Google.

You should use the mobile-friendly tool by Google to check your website responsiveness: Mobile-Friendly Test Tool   

Pay attention to updating or redesigning your real estate website

Developing a real estate website is imperative for real estate vendors.

Points of attention to watch out for:

  1. Check the URL structure of both old and new pages to match so you don’t lose results already.
  2. Pay particular attention to updating your site’s sitemap 

Don’t want to deal with all the hassle? We can help 


Outreach to websites and blogs to get backlinks to your real estate website.

Google favours authority websites on SERP, Most authority regularly publish quality content for their audience. The term “quality” is essential so that this technique is beneficial and not penalizing if you practice it excessively.

For example, there may be a neighbourhood blog or a merchant’s site to identify relevant content and list potentially interested and interesting sites. To interest them, you have to offer them original content, of course, and of interest to their subject, but also provide them with your expertise through self-promotion.

There are other techniques, especially in connection with social networks, which are taking a growing part in SERPs. We will deal with this topic separately.

Getting more real estate leads is anyway a very large subject, evolving by nature, sometimes technical, but above all which requires consistency and method. You will likely need to be accompanied by a Digital marketing expert, but this work will be all the more effective if you are yourself involved and if you master the main points of the subject.

Here are some tips to apply that are valid in the long term.

Do not hesitate to indicate in the comments your concerns around real estate leads so that we can answer them!

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