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5 Digital Real Estate Marketing Tools That Every Agent Needs


5 Digital Real Estate Marketing Tools That Every Agent Needs - 5 Digital Real Estate Marketing Tools That Every Agent Needs

5 Digital Real Estate Marketing Tools That Every Agent Needs

As more buyers and sellers go online in search for real estate deals, there is the need for every real estate agent to have thorough and effective digital marketing strategies to employ in order to stay afloat in the real estate market.


In recent times, it has been discovered that over 90% of intending home buyers go over the internet in search of deals on new homes.It is overwhelming to know that 50% of them also made use of the internet at the first instance in search for new homes.

This has become the trend and it has been predicted to gain much reception in the future thereby leading to an increase in the number of individuals making use of the internet in search of property deals.


This has been made possible by the influence of the Internet of Things (IoT).


In 2017, the records of home buyers and sellers show that 53% of them got the homes they bought as a result of the search they made online.


This is to show that majority of home buyers and owners make use of the internet to search and strike deals on real estate.


A beautiful thing to note is that they don’t only use the internet to search for properties; they also trust it as an excellent platform to trade. Many still use real estate agents as they see them as useful and reliable, the majority of individuals, most especially the younger ones, assert that the internet is more useful and reliable a source to find some cool real estate deals.


From these statistics, it then becomes a necessity for you as a real estate agent to up your game and comes to terms to reality in the real estate market in order for you to maximize profits and stay in business. You ought to have a strong understanding of the demands of potential clients, how they are using the internet to get their searches done and then position yourself to meet their needs by making yourself and services available through an online presence.


I present to you tools you can use as a real estate agent so that you can stay relevant in the world of real estate;

  1. Email Marketing

email marketing realestateko

Everybody in the digital world makes use of email addresses.


This has made email marketing to be a very powerful tool real estate agents can employ in order to remain relevant in the field and maximize sales.


Email has become the number one performance measurement tool in for fast returns on investments, capturing /generating of leads and ultimately converting them to paying clients.


Think about this: if information about a good deal is sent to your prospects email boxes, it can stay there for weeks. Now, when you send rich, educating, helpful and sweet content with intriguing subjects about a prospective deal to them with an option for them to easily reply you and get a deal going.


Who do you think they will reach out to first when the time comes for them to take a decision as regards real estate deals? Yes, you got the answer right.This points to you that email marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy that real estate agents should employ. In email marketing, you will have to build email contact lists.


This is very important as it becomes easy for you to send content about what will interest them with information about some good available real estate deals. Doing this should be a priority for every real estate agent as it helps you to keep in touch with prospects and you will no longer have to start afresh with your marketing.It is interesting to know that when you constantly send good contents to prospects about real estate and deals, you are building a friendship with them.


This has been tested to be a good move as most prospects who later turned out to become clients were intrigued with the email messages they had earlier been receiving. Another beauty of email marketing for you as a real estate agents is that you can easily get referrals from your prospects/clients as they can easily forward your email messages to their friends and loved ones whom they know are looking for a deal or an agent in real estate.


With such referrals, you can be an established leader in the real estate industry in your immediate locality and state. This will directly see you having more real estate agents to yourself and more deals.


The only disadvantage of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy that you can employ as a real estate agents is that you have to be available always by mail.


…If you can walk up to the demands of this strategy, it is advisable you get capable hands you can team up with in assisting you with the areas of fasting typing, correspondence, powerful writing ability and the monitoring of emails so that they can quickly and professionally respond to emails they can and forward those that need your attention.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing realestate

In the digital marketing world, it is often said that content is king.


You can’t have your way successfully in the of digital marketing without the understanding of employing highly qualified and search engine optimized contents.


This is very important as it determines the outcome of your efforts in creating content…..


In content marketing, the aim is to create quality and highly optimized contents online so that Google and other powerful search engines can pick them up and index them for quality – both technically and contextually.


The quality of your contents has much impact on your content marketing as a digital marketing strategy for your real estate business because the content you create and publish on your blog, website, forum, social networks and other online platforms will serve as a bait to capture prospects, get your agency known by prospective buyers and sellers of real estate and ultimately win them to yourself as clients.


…It establishes you as an authority and convinces people to work with you.


Therefore, the content you publish online should help among other things, to achieve the goal of closing sales.


Technology has come to stay and it has really affected the ways people do things, even to the extent of home buying and selling as they can be done and processed within a short time with some clicks.


As a real estate agent, you have to embrace content marketing. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get the same results. But when you leverage on the Internet of things, you work with these digital marketing strategies for your real estate consultancy, you are sure to see the great impact as you get to see more possibilities of limitless real estate business.


Get your digital marketing strategies for your real estate consultancy right and you are positioned to get more deals from buyers and sellers, thereby allowing you to rake more in earnings, grow your agency and become a great force to reckon with in your field.


  1. Search Engine Marketing

SEO realestateko

With the Internet of Things, home buyers and sellers search for virtually everything about real estate on the internet with the help of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Their search queries range from the exact homes to buy, their prices, how quickly they are being sold, how the homes compare to other homes and who the agencies and realtors are for those homes. They even search for ratings and reviews from individuals in the past.


The searches made by homeowners and buyers lead to the result of some real estate agencies popping out.


Your understanding, as a real estate agent, on how to be easily found online by prospects is an invaluable resource that can increase your earnings and tentacles.


For you to be easily found online when searches are made demands that you be creative and technical.


You will use contents and images to post listings online, strategically including your agency in online directories, being proactive in managing reviews.


In order to make a success out of search engine marketing as a digital marketing tool for your real estate agency, you have to master the art and science of Search Engine Optimization and engagement.


Though technical, they are easy to learn and implement.


But if you don’t have the time to get SEO done for your real estate agency, get the services of an expert to help you out. This will help you to win as more buyers and sellers will get to see you when they search online for real estate agency.

  1. Social Media

social media marketing realestateko

Almost every activity happens on social media.


Hence, it is a vital tool to leverage on as a real estate agent.


Social media can offer you the platform to meet and deal with homeowners and buyers before actual deals are secured. But just registering your [presence on social media does not profit as you have to be active with constant engagements of prospects.


Every post you make should drive a point about your brand identity, awareness, authority, connection, and convenience.

  1. Website

web design realestateko

You need a website to connect with prospective buyers and owners of homes as real estate agents.

Everybody has now gone digital…

So, before you ask them for a meeting, they want to know more about.

So, having an online presence with the help of a website will go a long way, as a digital marketing tool to put you at the lead in your industry. Do not ever look down on the potential of having a website for your real estate agency as they are limitless.

You will do much more and better with a website for your real estate agency.

Adopting a sophisticated real estate agent CRM system can significantly boost the effectiveness of email marketing, empowering agents with advanced tracking and management capabilities to optimize client engagement and sales outcomes.


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