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Real estate SEO is the bread and butter of ranking successfully on search engines like Google to reach clients who aren’t in your circle and who have never heard about your firm before.

This reach is critical if you want to grow your business and attract new clients!

Why Is It Important?

It’s all in the numbers. 90% of home buyers turn to google first and foremost when they’re looking to buy or sell a home. In the last 4 years alone, Google searches related to real estate have increased by 253%.

To top it all off, more than 80% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of Google results to find a reputable realtor. And Real Estate SEO is the best way to get in front of that valuable audience!

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What Are The Benefits of SEO For Real Estate Firms?

Reach New Clients

SEO improvements help you rank higher in search results and drive lots of interested home-buyers and sellers to your site. This means that when people search for a local real estate company on Google, being the number one result for that search will create immense leverage for your business.

Outrank Your Competition

There’s nothing worse than losing clients to a competitor simply because they appear above you in a Google search. Get noticed first by improving your rank with up-to-date and highly targeted SEO practices.

Long-Term Sustainability

There’s no easier way to stay on top than to invest in SEO for your company. All other marketing strategies will fade or get lost in the noise of the digital world.

However, if you rank highly in Google, you’ll generate long-term brand awareness and continue to reap the rewards for years to come without having to pay more for ads or clicks.

How Firststate Developers Generated 93 Investor Leads in 71 Days

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Our Range Of Real Estate SEO Services


Site Audit

The first step in the optimization process is to conduct a site audit to analyze your website’s content and technical health. This is where we uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your site and develop an effective, tailored SEO plan.


Keyword Research and Selection

We will research and determine your brand’s most effective keywords that will make for the best return on every dollar of your marketing investment.


On-page Optimization

On-page optimization will give your site the boost it needs to get the SEO ball rolling. We optimize things like keyword alignment, internal linking structure, and loading speed so that your site has an amazing foundation while being seen as a healthy browsing experience and an authoritative source of information by Google.


Off-page Optimization

The last piece is making sure that your site and content are seen as authoritative in the eyes of Google. We’ll roll out high-performance link building campaigns focused on acquiring valuable contextual links from authoritative websites relevant to your business and industry.


Analytics and Reporting

We provide regular reporting of analytics on your ranking and traffic to get you up to speed on your campaign’s progress and demonstrate the success of the current SEO strategy. We use these analytics for on-going improvement and optimization of your site and SEO practices.

Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate SEO

  • A performance-driven and highly scalable SEO process
  • Stable and reliable traffic growth and increase in ranking for search engine results
  • An experienced and dedicated team of SEO experts ready to work with you 1-on-1
  • Affordable, effective and completely transparent pricing packages

We have generated over 275,674 leads for our clients through real estate digital marketing.

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