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Real Estate SEO: The Only 3 Link Building Tactics You Need In 2022

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Link building refers to the process of securing links for your site from pages of other websites.

The importance of collecting high-quality links cannot be overlooked.

A research carried out by Moz revealed that link building was responsible for 14.83 percent of the ranking factors in 2015.

The number has now increased to 17.31%.

The more quality backlinks you have to your real estate website, the higher the website will rank in search engines.

This allows you to gain exposure that will boost your revenue (since you will be able to generate high-quality traffic and leads).

Instead of wasting time on link building tactics that yield no tangible results, make use of the link building strategies that will be discussed in this article to improve the rate at which you acquire links and boost your ranking in search results.


Create Quality Content

Before you start working on building links to your website, the first thing you need to do is to give people a good reason why they need to share your link with others.

It is,

Therefore, important to start your link building process with high-quality if you want to get the right results.

Start by creating valuable and high-quality articles on topics that relate to your niche.

Ensure that the articles are captivating and enough to keep your site visitors coming back and to inspire them to share your content with others.

As your content starts getting popular, your website will start attracting organic backlinks.

People will notice your website if you craft content that is interesting and valuable. People will also share your content without being compelled to do so if you pay attention to details and shed light on a particular topic.

Focus on making your content long, detailed, and top-notch.

Avoid filler content (that makes your piece boring and unprofessional).


Don’t spam your content with keywords nor use them where they are not necessary. Doing so will affect your content’s readability and people will not trust you when they notice this.

With a report from Orbimedia,

02 10 04 19 36 2020 Blogging Statistics  Survey Data Trends and Insights from 1000 Bloggers - Real Estate SEO: The Only 3 Link Building Tactics You Need In 2022

The average length of a blog post is 1,269.

So, you also need to try and make your post to be at least 1,269 words long.

How can you create unique content ideas, you ask?

You can run a questionnaire on your social media platform or website where you will ask your followers the type of content they want to see from you.

You can also make use of a tool called AnswerThePublic.

The more you invest in creating original and valuable content, the more popular it will become. If your content becomes viral, your website will attract high-quality links that will push it up in search engine results.

This gives you the maximum exposure you crave.


Guest Posting

Also known as contributing content, guest posting is not a new link building tactic.

The only reason why it is still in use is that it works. The tweak that you can use for your guest posts is to contribute content on behalf of your company, not your brand.

Referral traffic and brand recognition are the major goals on top tier websites.

Mid-tier websites also can rank websites for some highly competitive keywords.

A major argument that we always come across in link building is the misconception of quality versus quantity. “White hat” link building loyalists believe that only perfect links should be collected. They say this to compensate for the fact that they can only collect few links per month.

If you take a look at the profiles of the links of major websites, you will discover that mid-and low-tier links usually constitute most of the profiles of these websites.

This shows what you need in link building is a combination of quality and quantity.

This is not to say that you should start building lots of spammy links of links with low domain authority.

Let’s go back to the initial point of not contributing everything to your brand. If you’re targeting mid-tier websites, you can build between 10 to 100 links per month. If you are making use of the same bio and author, you are leaving a footprint and makes it easier for your competitor to find you.


The right approach is for your company to create some personas and also contribute content from these personas to have diversified sources of links.

Lest I forget, most guest posts usually give you a link in the author bio; this is not beneficial for SEO.

A good authority website will send referral traffic to your website and they will also help build your brand with authority juice.

You should, therefore, make use of them for the link.


Be Active On Social Media

400;”>Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram amongst others, have changed marketing and can be useful for building high-quality links to your website.

These platforms can help you get favorable results from your link building and guest post efforts.

If you are not taking your social media marketing seriously, then you are limiting your brand’s exposure and growth.

Share new posts, images, as well as updates to become active on social media.

Apart from its link building benefits, getting active on social media will also help boost engagement, even if you’re new to social media.

This will go a long way in exposing your brand and your website’s URL to more people that will share your posts with their audience. It will also help improve your link profile and boosting your visibility as a whole.



Link building plays a key role in SEO.

A major SEO tactic that real estate brands need to use if they want to increase their brand exposure, boost engagement, and also attract high-quality traffic and leads.


It is a process that requires patience since it’s time-consuming. You shouldn’t be discouraged by this. Instead, you should focus on spending your time building links that will increase your real estate website’s ranking in search results – Also focus on creating value and better experiences for your readers when building links.

Although link building is hard, it is, easy to understand.

Follow the three tactics discussed in this article to build tons of high-quality links that will help you generate high-quality leads for your real estate agency.

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