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As one of the few existing real estate social media marketing companies, we believe in putting our clients’ revenue growth first. We guide our real estate clients with social media management and advertising to help their businesses thrive. With our experience and expertise, we can help put your firm in a position to win today.


Are you struggling with leads? We can help you!

What Is Real Estate Social Media Marketing?

In layman’s terms, real estate social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of advertising your firm and services on the internet to connect with new home-buyers and sellers.

In this age, everything is online, and your business should be too!

Why? Let’s take a look at statistics.

77% of online users buy products exclusively on social media. Although real estate can’t be purchased online, people use social media to search for real estate and agents.

72% of real estate agents maintain an active presence on social media. They have adapted with the times and have upped their selling game, which is helping them get ahead of the pack.

But in today’s day and age – just being on social media is far from enough. If you want to create leverage and turn social media into a powerful sales platform, you’ll need to implement social media marketing strategies that work. And this is exactly the area we specialize in – making sure that your social media is making you money!

We can help you put your firm on the virtual map and make more connections and lifetime clients, starting now!

All you have to do is schedule a meeting with us, and then we can chat about your game plan.

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What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?

Targeted Advertising

Social media allows you to easily pinpoint and aim for a specific audience with your advertising. Through this, you can quickly get new clients who have the same interests, demographics, and behaviors as your current and past clients.

Better Leads & More Clients

Through targeted advertising, you can now pick out the clients that are the best fit for your services, and who will most likely stick around to help you build your future opportunity network. You don’t need to cast a large net and hope that any fish gets caught in it anymore.

Increased Exposure

Social media presence means that your firm is out there. This means that future clients will have an easier way of finding you. Recommendations and reviews from past clients can also help increase your engagement and build your firm’s virtual reputation.

How Sunshine hills Generated 135 Investor Leads in 119 Days

Sunshine Hills, Ondo state, specializes in the retail of landed properties for residential and commercial properties. Having a low population density in Ondo state, they tasked us with the creation of the right social media platforms and marketing content that would capture the interests of their target audiences. We did that and we generated 135 qualified investor leads in just 119 days.

How We Can Help You With Real Estate Social Media Marketing



We will build your social media presence from scratch if we have to. Our strategies will let the whole world know that your firm is here and open for business. We will also make the most of your advertising dollars when setting up campaigns to draw awareness to your page.



As your reach widens and your fans grow by numbers, we won’t forget to make them family. We will do this by assigning a dedicated social media specialist who will monitor all accounts daily and actively engage with followers by responding to their messages and answering their questions. We will be there every step of the way to them becoming high-value leads for your business!



We will create an appealing digital aesthetic that stays true to your firm’s philosophy. From infographics, so advertorial images and banners – our expert graphic designers will help you create great and valuable content that your followers can actively engage with. This will increase your traffic and strengthen your brand presence.



We specialize in one of the best and strongest advertising platforms on social media: Facebook. Not only will we design engaging social media advertising campaigns – but we will also create high-performance landing pages to convert interested prospects into leads that are ready to engage in business with you!

How Efficient Is Social Media Management?

Managing a successful social media account is not an easy feat the challenges of finding new opportunities for marketing growth and switching up voices for different media is tiring.

At Realestateko, we put our multiple years of experience to work making the social media management process efficient by using the right tools and generating Quality leads for our real estate clients.

Schedule a meeting today and let us improve your social media status.

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We have generated over 275,674 leads for our clients through Real Estate digital marketing.

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“​​The most important part of making it in this business is by being able to provide better options to potential clients than your competitors and there is no way you are going to achieve that with crappy or just normal marketing strategies, that’s why I always use Realestateko’s services”


– Adebayo Matthew


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Barrister Owolabi


Excellent work! I provided 1,800 square feet sample floor plan & asked them to map it to 1,390 sqft. of space that I will be leasing. Given space constraints/requirements, we reduced reception area, changed to sliding doors, moved offices, eval options... A local space planner consultant specializing in my target industry validated their work.

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