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The Richest Bank In Nigeria – Check Here !

the richest bank in nigeria


The Richest Bank In Nigeria — Zenith Bank Plc


Nigeria has seen the rise and fall of a lot of banks; it has also seen the success of some banks in the country. Currently, Nigeria is a home to over 20 banks; some are rich banks while some can be considered striving banks.

In this article, our concern lies with the overall richest bank in the country.

The richest bank in Nigeria is Zenith Bank Plc. This bank, over the last 10 years, has always competed with First Bank of Nigeria, over this first position. Not only is Zenith Bank the richest Bank in the country, it is also the best in the country.


About Zenith Bank


Zenith Bank Plc was established in 1990, to be more specific, May 1990. Only two months after its establishment, it rolled into operation.

This bank grew from being a Nigerian bank to being a multinational bank. It has a business presence in other African countries as well as non-African countries.

The bank operates in the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirate.


Founder of Zenith Bank


Zenith Bank was founded by Jim Ovia, a 66-year-old businessman.

Jim Ovia serves as the Chairman of the bank, with a net worth of about 980 million USD.

The businessman is also the founder of a telecommunication company, Visafone Communications Limited.

Jim Ovia has made and is still making a great contribution to the IT sector of the country. The man who is an Alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School, is the chairman of the Nigerian Software Development Initiative (NSDI), the National Information Technology Advisory Council (NITAC), and Cyberspace Network Limited.

Furthermore, the man is a member of the Honorary International Investor Council and the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI).


Zenith Bank And Other Top 10 Richest Banks


Zenith Bank Plc occupies the first position on the list of the top 10 richest banks in Nigeria.

This bank occupies the position with a net worth of about Zenith Bank 4,739 billion NGN. Other banks on the list of the top richest banks include Zenith Bank, First Bank of Nigeria (FBN), United Bank for Africa (UBA), Access Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), Diamond Bank, Ecobank Nigeria, Fidelity Bank, Union Bank and Skye Bank.

The first position on the list has always been occupied by either Zenith Bank or First Bank of Nigeria. The United Bank of Africa has always been behind Zenith Bank Plc.

UBA rather competes for the third position with Access Bank Plc. First Bank of Nigeria has a net worth of about 4.736 billion NGN, United Bank of Africa has a net worth of about 3,504 billion NGN.

Access Bank chases UBA with a net worth of about 3,483 billion NGN.


Top 10 Richest Banks List


1.) Zenith Bank Plc — N4,739 billion

2.) First Bank of Nigeria — N4,736 billion

3.) United Bank for Africa — N3,504 billion

4.) Access Bank — N3,483 billion

5.) Guaranty Trust Bank — N3,116 billion

6.) Diamond Bank — N2,049 billion

7.) Ecobank Nigeria — N1,808 billion

8.) Fidelity Bank — N1,298 billion

9.) Union Bank — N1,252 billion

10.) Skye Bank — N1,199 billion


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