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Company: Sabreworks Limited


Value Provided: Website Redesign

Summary of the Task

It is important to ensure that the new website is in complete harmony with the company’s recent rebranding efforts. we created the following:

  • A robust location-based filter should be implemented to guarantee that users can easily purchase online, book, and convert.
  • Ensure that your calls-to-action are clearly visible.
  • Boost your website’s visibility in search engine results and propel it to greater heights in the years to come.
  • With the help of WordPress’s content management system, We create a completely responsive website.

Our Strategy

Prototype Design

Sabreworks Limited  was fast overflowing due to sluggish site performance and the necessity to continually promote the services supplied. The new website required to feature dynamic and enticing video, fresh pictures and smart event material after going through a comprehensive brand overhaul.

It was important to keep this website’s information architecture and new vibes at the forefront of the design process. There has to be a clear way for users to obtain estate documents, contact customer service, and more..

Design Concepts

For Sabreworks Limited’s video and image content, we’ve streamlined the presentation to keep the focus on the brand colors, inviting faces, and apartments featured in the photographs. When hovering over menu items, the user is greeted with strong visual cues thanks to the use of bold fonts and simple iconography.

Putting the Pieces Together

As a result of the new banner button callouts and the homepage callouts, visitors may easily register as a partner online or fill out forms on the move. Before scheduling an appointment, guests may view all of the homes and their location and even take a virtual tour. Landing pages for each estate provide contact information, brochure downloads, price, and perks information. As with a well-paired pilsner, the new and better customer experience is like having a completely responsive WordPress CMS that is always up to speed with the latest news and information.

Sabreworks limited had an increase of 1192 percent in new site traffic and a 28 percent increase in converted leads in the first quarter after redesigning their site.

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