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Best Apps To Use While Searching For House In Nigeria

Best Apps To Use While Searching For House


Best Apps To Use While Searching For House 300x200 - Best Apps To Use While Searching For House In Nigeria

You are probably searching for a house to buy or move into, and tired of the traditional way of going about it. Do not worry about anything as you are not alone. House searching has never been easy, and the situation seems to get worse every day. However, the advancement of technology has made the whole process a lot easier. When you want to search a house in this present age, one of the best ways to go about it is using a mobile app. fortunately, there are lots of apps available out there for such a thing. There are apps available for the Android platform as well as the iOS platform. In this article, I will recommend some best app you can use while searching for a house.


  1. Jiji


Hardly any internet user in Nigeria can claim that they do not know Jiji or have never heard of it. Jiji is a top classified ads platform that has always flooded electronic advertisement in the country. It has both web application and mobile applications. Jiji has been around for some time. The platform is one of the most secured — the number of scammers using the platform is so small. Jiji has mobile apps for both the Android platform and the iOS platform. It also goes a long way to feature electronic payment; this means you can pay for products with your ATM card enabled for online payment. However, note that as of writing this article, only ‘MasterCard’ and ‘VISA’ ATMs can be used. Their mobile apps are very stable; they do not crash all of a sudden when using them. The user interface of their apps are also excellent.


  1. OLX


After Jiji comes OLX. OLX is a great app that can be used when searching for a house. The platform has been in existence for a very long period, in fact, it is one of the pioneering classified ads platforms in the country. Just like its superior, OLX has both the web and mobile apps. Its web application is hosted at , and it has apps for Android and iOS platforms. The platform has improved greatly over these years. Its web app has a nicer interface compared to its former interface. The Android app, as well as the iOS app, also have a great interface, and they are very stable. OLX is majorly fuelled with real buyers and sellers. However, one still has to be careful when using the platform


  1. Efritin  


Efritin is still a relatively new platform. However, its excellence has made it made it very popular in the country. The platform is great for searching houses in any of the 36 states of the country and the federal capital. Furthermore, the app is best used when in search for a house in Abuja, Port Harcourt or Lagos. Efritin has a web application hosted at It also has mobile applications for the two best mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Its applications are great; they have simple, intuitive and impressive user interfaces. Efritin’s Android app and iOS app have a good rating on Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Note, Efritin has a catch. Efritin is flooded with a good percentage of scammers, and this has been one of the main things hindering the progress of the platform.


However, the company that owns this app is working hard on this issue. I am sure that they will overcome this problem in a matter of time. Jiji and OLX also experienced the same problem in their early days. The point is, you just have to be smart when buying or selling of the platform. If you are, you should not have any problem with scammers.

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