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Company: SecuManor

Value Provided: App Design & Development.

Summary of the Task

SecuManor is an estate security application that offers a new lifestyle experience backed by high grade security with the gold standard of technology and innovation with the aim of improving your lifestyle and and safety of visitors and residents of a gated community.

In addition to providing residents with greater ease, speed, and access to real-time communication, the program also benefits estate managers. Where they may save money on overhead by providing a more tailored service to residents, which in turn attracts and retains quality tenants and aids the development of a competitive, cost-effective value proposition for the housing community as a whole.

Our Strategy

When we first spoke with the client, he was quite specific about what he wanted to accomplish and how he wanted to go about creating a platform for estate management with a fantastic user experience. With this acquired knowledge, we were able to conceptualize his proposal and set in motion the steps necessary to bring it to fruition, including the design of the app, website, and content by in-house experts and the outsourcing of the development to a reliable associate.

Interface Design

We chose a color palette that, as you can see, consists of various shades of orange, blues, reds, and neutral colors reflecting distinct hierarchy of elements in the overall design, to support the ground-breaking art an app’s overall visual style defines and stands on.

We created a series of moodboards to establish the aesthetic direction for the app before moving on to the graphic design phase.

Buildup & Development

Working as a group, we gathered the user’s proximity criteria based on his or her lifestyle and routines, then ran SQL queries against the database to find the most promising matches. Then, we implemented Comet Chat as a means of interaction for Estate management and inhabitants to share information and coordinate activities based on common interests.

App Screenshots

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Screenshot 20220913 101621 461x1024 - Secumanor
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Before we found Realestateko, we had been working with various development companies, all of them had failed to provide amazing, working apps for us. The app’s user-friendliness is in large part due to Realestateko’s contributions to its development. They were quite accommodating and helpful while we worked through app solutions.

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