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Sell Homes Faster: The Five Most In-Demand Interior Design Trends Homebuyers are Looking for !

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Sell Homes Faster: The Five Most In-Demand Interior Design Trends

“A home is a place to share, create, and nourish the best in each of us as individuals and as a family. Design is one of the finest means to accomplish this.”-Eve Robinson

Today, the real estate market continues to thrive with an ever increasing consumer base each year. In fact, if you had been attempting to sell your homes and have been rather unsuccessful in that endeavor, you might find yourself wondering why considering that the market is at an all-time flourishing high.

Well, while the real estate market might be thriving, it has created a competitive margin wherein homebuyers are not just looking to buy any house at all. Thanks to the internet and the easy accessibility of information, today’s homebuyers have evolved from simple consumers to meticulous and discriminating consumers.

Today, the cheapest condo in Makati might not even make the cut. Current homebuyers have a much more elaborate and refined taste that certain homes should have specific home décor aspects or interior elements to convince them to either make an offer or buy it outright.

So, if you have been looking to do a bit of an upgrade for your homes with an intent to sell in the near future, you best consider some of this most-sought after home decor elements and coveted interior design techniques down below:

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel remains to be an in-demand home feature for more than five years now—and it does not look like the fad is going anywhere soon.

Most homebuyers associate stainless steel with a recent remodel which means your appliances are fairly recent or are not very old.

With stainless steel additions, you can almost always guarantee a quick closing process when it comes to selling a home.

This is because your prospective buyers do not feel like they have to do much when it comes to kitchen renovation work when they see stainless steel as an element in there.



  • Freestanding Tubs

freestanding tub 300x300 - Sell Homes Faster: The Five Most In-Demand Interior Design Trends Homebuyers are Looking for !

Although hardly considered a comfort room necessity, freestanding tubs would make the cut when it comes to little luxuries homeowners would want to splurge on.

It is even somewhat regarded as a bonus when it comes to buying a home in the sense that if it is present in your home, most homebuyers would be more receptive to closing a deal with you.

Moreover,  a freestanding tub alludes to a recent remodel—a plus for prospective homebuyers who do not wish to do any heavy work on the bathrooms once they have settled in.


  • Smart Home Features

With smart phones, smart watches and smart television sets, it is about time that the world has created a market and a demand for smart houses.

Today, consumers do not only want their phones to be smart but for their home to be smartphone friendly as well.

After all, it affords them the unique convenience of accessing heating and cooling systems, security and a myriad more through their phones. If you are selling a home that comes with these features via an application that can be download, your house is guaranteed to attract quite a lot of potential buyers.

  • Minimalism

Having too many things can make your homes appear cluttered.

Moreover, it gives the appearance of a home that is in a perpetual state of disarray and discord. With this in mind, most homebuyers would find themselves drawn and gravitating to homes with minimalistic design aspects.

Neutral colors and open floor plans are two big things when it comes to home design trends as of late—especially when it comes to millennials. This is because simple and straightforward designs would give buyers a wide berth and leverage over how they choose to decorate the place.

In other cases, it would allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the home which can significantly speed up the selling process.

  • Quartz

While quartz might seem like a sparkly addition to your kitchen and bathroom counters, they can be a great addition if you wish to speed up the selling process.

Quarts countertops are known to be versatile and timeless.

Moreover, they require little to no upkeep which makes them the premier choice for kitchens and bathrooms. In this regard, you can even expect your buyers to pay a little more if your house’s kitchens and bathrooms come with quartz countertops.

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