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[SEO Monday #1]: Real Estate SEO Tips To Generate High Quality Leads From Search Engines..

As a real estate agent, nothing can be compared to being able to generate leads consistently without going through the hassle of cold-calling prospects. 

About 90% of homebuyers search for a new home on the internet before they decide to buy.

What does this imply?

It means your ideal customers are already on the internet.

All you need to do is to present yourself to them and attract them to your website. 

Despite the competitive nature of the real estate industry, you can still generate consistent leads and increase your revenue by using the right SEO strategy.

This article will show you eight SEO tips that you can deploy to engage and convert prospects searching for their next home online.


Detect and Resolve Any Technical Problems

Not all website designers are conversant with SEO.

Mistakes that appear to be simple can affect your rank in search results. That’s why you should not overlook any technical issues, instead identify and fix them.

For instance,

Let’s assume you have no www redirect in place.

When people search for a website using Google, they usually type or

It is important to have a preferred version where the alternative can be redirected to.

This will not only ensure that all traffic goes to the one version, but it will also help you build authority in your website domain.

A professional real estate website design agency, like RealestatEko, can help you carry out an in-depth SEO audit of your website to fix all your SEO issues so that your website can rank in search engines.


Know Your Analytics

When you check your website’s analytics, you will see how your visitors found your website, the specific pages they visited, and the duration they spent on each page.

Knowing how to interpret this information will give you an insight into what your audience wants.

Your job is to keep providing information that will be valuable to your ideal audience.

This will make your site visitors spend more time on your website.

It will also keep them returning to your website. As they do this, they will be able to trust you and, they’ll perceive you as an expert in your niche. Google will also rank you higher in search results.


Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

The number of mobile users exceeded desktop users in 2014. Knowing this makes sense that you optimize your website for mobile devices to get the right SEO returns.

Irrespective of the type of audience that you are targeting, you need to optimize your mobile experience so that you can convert your mobile visitors.

Due to the large amount of content and media that are associated with real estate websites (which can slow down user’s mobile experience), the right approach to take is to have a separate mobile website that you can use as your real estate agent website.

This will help you deliver the experience that your mobile users want.


Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Website

Half of your website visitors expect your website to be fast and they will abandon it if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

Do not ignore your website’s speed because it plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO.

To ensure that your website is fast, you need to understand how your website performs on desktop and mobile.

You can use PageSpeed Insights for this purpose. The tool will analyze your website, score your website, and also give you helpful tips that will make your website fast.

RealestatEko will make use of the right tools to analyze your website and improve its speed. We have the required expertise that will turn your slow website into a fast one.


Pay Attention To Local SEO

tolu ade seo

Deploying the appropriate local SEO strategies will help your real estate business to rank in your geographical location.

Ranking in your geographical area is a powerful opportunity for you to get local buyers.

If you want to rank in your local geographical area, these factors are important:

  • Google My Business Signals (optimize your Google My Business listing)
  • Link Signals (improve your inbound linking)
  • On-Page Signals (improve your on-page SEO)
  • Review Signals (make yourself trustworthy with online reviews)
  • Citation Signals (build your local and contextual citations ) 


Get Reviews From Your Customers

As a real estate agent,

Your reputation is a critical consideration for prospective buyers.

You need to make it easy for your website visitors to have access to your reviews. Spread your customer reviews across multiple websites so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Customer reviews will help improve your rank in Google search results. They will also boost your click-through rates. As stated in the previous tip, having reviews on your ‘Google My Business’ listing will help you rank in Google’s ‘local pack.’

So, start asking your customers for reviews today.


Develop and Implement An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy will help you optimize your real estate website in search results.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with those that are not ready to make a purchase.

For instance,

If a prospective buyer has not decided on a particular area, he may be searching for content on ‘The top family-friendly neighborhoods in Lagos’ and ‘what areas in Port Harcourt provide the most value.’

Site visitors that have decided on a particular area may search for information on ‘how to get finance’ and ‘where the local amenities are.’

Publishing engaging content on these keywords will be beneficial to your real estate agency website.

The content will help you engage with potential home buyers even before they decide to buy a home. This makes you the first and most helpful agent to engage with them.

Don’t just publish your content on your website.

Promote the content on your LinkedIn and Medium profiles to increase their visibility.


Use Schema Markup

Implementing Schema Markup on your website will improve the ability of search engines to understand your website pages.

Here are some Schema markups that you can implement on your real estate agency website:

  • If you’re listing your agents on your website, implement the markup language for them.
  • Implement your agency’s contact information with Schema.
  • Markup your reviews with Schema.


If your goal is to generate high-quality traffic to your website and build quality leads, your focus should be on improving your user experience.

Your user experience comprises your website, your content, and paying attention to how their journey progresses.


You need to realize that succeeding in SEO goes beyond just hiring the service of an SEO manager or digital marketer; it entails adopting a business-wide approach.

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