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The Smart Real Estate Agent : 5 Tools to Facilitate your Real Estate business


As more people continue to discover the real estate industry as one of the most lucrative in the country, we see more businesses pouring into the industry. The industry is starting to get to a point where hard work isn’t enough to get ahead. 

At this point, 

Anyone who wished to emerge as the best needs to embrace being smart.

Don’t get me wrong. 

This isn’t about how to boost your IQ or any of those brainiac kinds of stuff. Smartness, as used in this article, rather refers to the way you operate. 

In other words, this article is about presenting you tools that can make you more creative, likeable, efficient, etc, in your business.

So the following are some 5 types of tools that have proven immensely helpful to me, and I bet you’d also find them helpful:

Graphics Creators

At the present moment we live in today, graphics have improved so much that designs produced 8 years ago are now generally unacceptable. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see people judge the credibility of businesses, based on the graphics of the sites, etc.

In other words, if you want to succeed, especially in the millennials age, then taking graphics seriously is very important.

Yeah, I understand what you might be thinking of right now: 

What do you mean?

Do you expect me to go learn graphics design?

Do I even have the time?….

Well, the good news is: what you might consider challenges don’t exist anymore. 

These days,

We now have very impressive graphics creation software (SAAS) that makes it possible to create highly-professional graphics, with little effort. In fact, a lot of websites and companies you see flaunting cool graphics are run by teams without expert designers. 

They rather take advantage of the modern graphics creation tools we have around.

We have a lot of these tools out there, and one of the most popular among them is called Canva

Canva is a very amazing piece of software. 

Words cannot describe how cool it is. So rather than trying to describe it, I’d ask you to take some minutes to check it out.

Email Marketing Managers

When using email for personal use, using the email apps provided by your email provider like Gmail is often very okay, to satisfy your needs. But when it comes to emails for businesses, things start to go out of hands, using the typical tools provided.

For instance, 

You might have multiple email accounts, you might also have another app for creating fancy emails, you might further use some other platform for newsletters, etc. So, when you have to use all these things at the same time, you are forced to handle so much complexity that it causes you headache and also makes you quite inefficient.

Well, things don’t have to be this way. 

At least not anymore. 

We have email marketing managers specifically designed for people like you and I. These email managers allow you to carry out all related email tasks from a single control panel. 

And these tasks are made to seamlessly fit together.

IXACT Contact is a good example of this kind of tool. It is used by businesses in other industries, and nothing is stopping a real estate business from also using such a tool.

Digital Scanners

Chances are that your business would involve passing documents over to your clients. And if you’ve always relied on physically sending these documents, let me inform you that you’re acting a bit outdated.

In the current age we live in, documents which aren’t sensitive are now sent over the internet, instead of mailing them physically or having your clients come down to your office. 

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t need a typical scanner, to scan these documents. What you rather need, is to simply scan the documents with the help of your phone’s camera.

Please note that when I say “scan the documents with the help of your phone’s camera”, I’m not talking about using your phone’s camera app. I’m rather talking about using apps specifically designed for scanning. Camera apps can truly take clear pictures, but the scans they take are hardly good for official use. 

So what these scanner apps do is that they not only take pictures of the documents, they also run these pictures through some algorithms. In the end, these scanner apps provide you with digital images that look as though they were taken by a physical scanner.

We have a lot of digital scanners out there. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone, an Android, a Windows, a Mac, a Linux, etc, you should find yourself a good digital scanner.

So if you’re also the type who hasn’t been able to do business with some clients because “they aren’t currently in Nigeria and you can’t mail the necessary documents to them”, digital scanners can turn out very helpful.

Social Media Managers

If your business has accounts on multiple social platforms, and you use these accounts very well, chances are that you’d find it quite challenging doing work related to social media marketing. 

But thankfully, things don’t have to continue that way, as we now have tools that can help you manage all accounts from a single control panel. In other words, you can put an end to having to shuffle between these platforms’ interfaces.

Aside from eliminating the need for you to move about, these social media managers also have a lot of thoughtful features. 

To have a good idea of what I’m trying to communicate, you should consider checking out one of the managers I’ve always used, “Buffer”.

3D Virtual Plan Generators

At some point or the other, you’d have found yourself in need to show a client what a particular property looks like, without having the client physically present in the location. And what you probably did is send them the 2D plan of the house or take some pictures of the rooms in the house.

2d 11 - The Smart Real Estate Agent : 5  Tools to Facilitate your Real Estate business

But what if you could make the client feel like they’re inside the house itself? What if you could additionally present them something like this?
3d 12 - The Smart Real Estate Agent : 5  Tools to Facilitate your Real Estate business

Don’t you think this could be cool? 

Don’t you think the client would be more pleased?

Well, I guess you’d answer ”yes, but also protest that creating something like this is going to cost a lot of money and too much time. But good enough, that isn’t true anymore. 

With some tools called “3D virtual plan generators”, it’s now possible to create images like the one above, by just taking pictures of the rooms in the house, then the app generates a plan like the one above, based on the pictures you snapped.

Then after creating the plan, you can use some of its tools to add tables, chairs, etc, effortlessly.

We have a good number of these tools out there. Of course, the best ones are paid, but they aren’t too expensive. Plus, the value of what they offer is just too great, so I see no reason to bother much about paying for this software.

Among all apps available for this kind of thing, the iOS app called MagicPlan is what I’ve seen with many international real estate businesses. If you feel all these are a lot of work and time luxury is not a thing for you? 

We have experts that can help. Contact us now  


If you want to get ahead in the real estate industry, you also have to learn to work smart. And the tools provided above are some tools that can be very helpful with that.


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