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Company: SparkView Estates

Value Provided: Content Creation, SEO.

Summary of the Task

Staying abreast of algorithmic changes and reevaluate your web strategy is the way to go when your SEO’s future is in Google’s hands. However, if you’re just getting started with SEO, this might be a bit overwhelming. What’s the best place to begin, and how can you tell whether you’re on the correct path?

With no experience in SEO, SparkView Estates was in desperate need of someone to help them develop a long-term, enduring SEO plan. Consequently, they teamed up with Realestateko in March of the year 2021.

We used a combination of technical and creative web strategies to help Sparkview Estates establish a strong SEO foundation upon which to develop long-term success for their company. From having no organic traffic to over 700 visitors a month, Sparkview Estates achieved this success by focusing on cooperation and customisation. Keep reading to learn more about this remarkable accomplishment.

Our Strategy

Almost no site improvements were in place when we began Sparkview’s campaign for our customer. Consequently, the information on their website was hurting their company’s chances of success on the internet. After doing a thorough site analysis, we conducted keyword research and optimized content.

Site Analysis

An first 150-point site assessment was performed, focusing on elements such as content, metadata, performance, architecture, and internal linkages.

The Realestateko team began working on numerous site optimization tasks as soon as we identified potential problems.

  • Suggesting to Google Search Console that a sitemap be included to the Sparkview Robots.txt files
  • Over 50 photos have been optimized to speed up the website.
  • Over 110 photos were given alt text as part of our work for this client’s website.
  • Over 70 meta-titles and descriptions have been updated.

Keyword Research

After completing the front and back end of SparkView Estate’s website, we then turned our attention to the content. SparkView Estate and the Realestateko team engaged in ongoing discussions on various keywords.
More time and attention was put into finding precise keywords that were linked with SparkView Estate’s services and the demands of their target audience than just looking at keyword volume. We knew that these highly-targeted keywords would eventually lead us to:

  • Assist SparkView Estates in gaining a foothold in their target market by capturing relevant traffic.
  • Search engines will better comprehend our client’s content if we rank for various versions of the keyword phrases they choose, giving them a higher chance of gaining more visitors.

Content Analysis

We worked with SparkView to integrate the keywords into the relevant pages of the site once the keyword research was complete. We went through a rigorous review and discussion process to verify that the keywords were in line with each page’s content and the SparkView brand as a whole.

As a result, Realestateko’s search engine optimization and content team worked collaboratively to organically include the terms into the site’s content. We needed to make sure that the keywords we were using for our client’s landing pages were actually increasing their worth.

For SparkView Estate, we are eager to see where and how their web presence and competitive advantage will be bolstered by future content and keyword optimization efforts.

The Result

Realestateko’s collaboration with SparkView Estate demonstrates the enormous influence site and content optimization can have on your online visibility and company. Consider some of the most significant accomplishments that SparkView Estate has made.

  • Although SparkView Estate’s high-priority keywords are very competitive in the industry, the site and content optimizations they implemented within four months resulted in a total of 432 more keyword positions.


  • Non-branded clicks increased by approximately two times in the first four months of the campaign. In addition, web impressions for SparkView Estate increased by 91%.


  • SparkView Estate’s target audience had an easier time finding them thanks to an improvement in their Google search ranking. As a consequence, over the course of three months, our customer had an increase of over 700 organic site views each month.

Achieve More with Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Program

Companies like SparkView Estate collaborate with digital marketing agencies like Realestateko since it’s easier said than done to build your internet presence from the bottom up. Reach out to Realestateko if you’re just getting started and need help establishing your web presence.

Achieving results that are meaningful for our clients is what drives us.

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