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Which State In Nigeria is Best for you? This will help you Decide


best state to leave in nigeria

Which State In Nigeria is Best for you?

Nigeria is a marvelous country, populated with great people. This country can be divided into: the Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria. It can be further divided into states. In Nigeria, there are 36 states and federal capital.

Majority of Nigerians live in the state they are, either because they were raised there or they work there. Unfortunately, majority of citizens of these citizens are not living in the state that suits them best. Now, you may ask: which state of the country is best for me to live in? There isn’t a fixed answer to this question.

The answer to this question will depend solely on the person who asks it.

For one to know which state of the country is best for them to live in, it is important for them to outline their deciding factors. What’s the meaning of deciding factors as used in this context? Deciding factors are factors taken into consideration by a person when choosing which state is best for them to live in.

The following are examples of deciding factors: income, safety, social status, industrialization, cost of living, technological advancement and entertainment.


States to Live In According To Deciding Factors


  1. Income

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Income is a deciding factor that takes the utmost priority, to some people. Income may mean a number of things. Income may refer to the level of income — it is easier to make money in some states that the other. When the deciding factor of living in a state is income, there are a good number of states that come into the picture.

The first on the list is Lagos State. Although, Abuja is the federal capital territory of Nigeria, we however think of it more like a state, in this article. Abuja is another place to live if one’s utmost priority is income. Rivers State, especially it’s capital — Port Harcourt, is also a great place to live because of income.

Lagos State is known as the most important state in Nigeria, in terms of economy. It is also the richest state in the country. The state is a hub of commercial activities and there is a free flow of money in the state.

It is easier to earn a lot of money in Lagos State compared to the majority of states in the country. This state was once the capital of Nigeria. Furthermore, it houses the most expensive island in the country, Banana Island. There are also lots of commercial organizations located in Lagos.

Note that one earns heavily in Lagos and also spend heavily in the state. The best way to enjoy this benefit of Lagos, is to have your family living in some other state of the country.

This way, you’ll be able to reduce the level of money being spent. If on the other hand, you are not a family man, you should have no problem.


  1. Safety


Safety is a factor given utmost priority by some people. Using safety as your utmost priority when deciding where to live, is a great thing. Some states in this country are safer than the others, and safe states in the country are majorly in the South-west of the country.

Osun State and Kwara State can be considered the safest states in the country. These states have very low crime rates.

Osun State is furthermore a very religious state, this never means it is violent. It is made up both Muslims and Christians who live peacefully. Osun State is climate friendly.

Another distinguished quality of the state is that there is the relatively good power supply in the states, especially its capital, Osogbo.

There is a catch in living in Osun State. Osun State is relatively undeveloped — this does not mean that there aren’t important amenities like health centres. If you are a person who doesn’t mind bearing the site of localness, then you should have no problem.

If localness irritates you greatly, you may have to become a little more tolerant, or better still, live somewhere in the state’s capital.


  1. Cost of Living


A lot of people make the cost of living their deciding factor. Cost of living has always been on the rise in Nigeria.

The cost of living is furthermore higher in places like Lagos and Port Harcourt. Thinking of escaping places like this? Ekiti State is a good place to turn to.

Ekiti State is not the cheapest state in Nigeria, in fact we have a good number of other states ahead of it, in terms of cheapness. Our reason for selecting Ekiti is that is relatively peaceful compared to another cheap state.

However, if we want to be blunt about cheapness, then Yobe State should have been our choice.

Ekiti State is a naturally rich state. This state is rich in mineral resources and it is also agriculturally buoyant. Minerals like granite, kaolin, columbite, channockete, iron ore, baryte, aquamine, gemstone, phosphate, limestone, gold are well-known to be mined in the state.

Furthermore, agriculture is extensively practised in Ekiti State. At the time when agriculture used to be Nigeria’s main source of income, Ekiti state used to account for about 40 percent of Cocoa produced in the country. Ekiti State is not just a cheap state to live in, it is also home to some tourist attractions.

The state houses the following tourist attractions: Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ipole-Iloro Water Falls, Olosunta Hills, and Fajuyi Memorial Park.


  1. Entertainment

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Are you looking forward to living in a state where you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest? Lagos State is the first call. Lagos State is not just a place for commercial activities, it is also an entertainment hub.

Digressing a little, the state is the home of Nollywood as 75 percent of Nollywood movies are produced in Lagos. It is furthermore the heart of the Nigerian music industry. Majority of Nigerian music stars are based in the state. Lagos houses the highest number of entertainment centres.

The most expensive hotels are also located in the state.

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