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7 Tips To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

7 tips - 7 Tips To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent


7 Tips To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent – Top Secrets you will Know!

Everyone desires to be successful, likewise every real estate agent…

Nobody goes into a project with the aim of losing out. It’s a good thing for every real estate agent to desire success. Desiring success in real estate business is not such a big deal as knowing how to achieve the desired success.

Every real estate agent wants to achieve success in their agencies, but only a few see the path towards getting there. According to statistics, few real estate agents close majority of the available deals –20% of real estate agents close 80% of them.

It is interesting to know also that less than 30% of real estate agents stay in business after five years.

The rest of them fail within 3-5 years……

The question then comes: “How do you achieve success as a real estate agent?”

It’s not just staying afloat in your business as a real estate agent that matters, but succeeding in it.

…. Achieving success in real estate business may look like a mirage.

But if you know what it takes and do them, you are most likely to succeed in your business.

To help you on your way to achieving success in your real estate business, I will show you some time-tested and trusted principles that will leave you as a success in your chosen real estate agency business.


  1. Know your personality strengths.

It is a general conception that being an introvert automatically translates to not being a “people person”.

People also strongly believe that extroverts end up being better salespersons than introverts.

As an introverted real estate agent, people might have advised you not to venture into real estate business as you will rarely make a success out of it.

….. But this is not true as records show that extroverts only make more significant impacts in sales than introverts.

Being a mixture of both traits is the factor to closing more deals in real estate business as records show also that ambiverts, persons with both personalities’ traits, do better in sales than the other two with a wide margin.

It is true that the skills individuals possess is a factor in determining their success in some ventures most especially referral-related businesses like the real estate type

….But some individuals see extroverts as unbecoming when they are too aggressive in sales, hence they can be a put off to them. The ideal practice is to know the right time to speak and refrain as a real estate agent irrespective of your personality traits.

Whether you are an introverted or extroverted real estate agent, don’t get laid back by the perception of people about you. Just go ahead in determining your trait and take huge advantage of your strengths and build upon your weaknesses.

What matters most as a real estate agent in your journey to attaining success is to have a lovely friendly nature, trustworthiness, integrity, honesty and doggedness.

What will qualify you as a highly sought agent is your ability to rightly guide/advise clients and prospects, educate them and provide solutions to their needs.


  1. Be an authority in your field.

Nothing pays and gives more joy to a real estate agent than being an expert in his or her chosen field.

How do prospects/clients rate agents? ……

It is not by their claims or number of years in the field of real estate agency but by their attitude in promptly responding to needs of people, excellent service and the display of strong knowledge as an expert.

……A real estate agent must show himself as one who has expert knowledge in the subject of real estate. Without this, he can’t go far in attaining his desired success and dream in his business.

Possessing expert knowledge is very important in real estate business as people want to see you as someone who can meet their needs through your broad expertise in the field of real estate.

As technology is becoming advanced, it is good that real estate agents go advanced too in the operations of their business when they interface with clients and prospects.

It is not good enough for real estate agents to solely rely on brokering information to prospects through the showing of properties.

They need to step up their games as prospects can easily get such information readily available online by themselves.

Real estate agents need to know what consumers want that they can’t get themselves rather than providing them with the information they can source from the comfort of their homes. Consumers will look for agents with expert industry knowledge and advise that will guide them in making the right decisions through the available information they already have.

Successful real estate agents will analyze the available data and then translate them into useful tips to help clients in making the wise decision confidently and securely

……They will also go ahead in educating them about trends and future projections in the market.

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition in your profession as a real estate agent with the ultimate aim of succeeding?……

Then, don’t remain complacent.

Stay ahead by gaining expert knowledge that will make you an authority in this filed.

You must possess and display more profound understanding than the average real estate agent for you to succeed.

  1. Devise workable plans

Planning is key component in achieving your dream as a successful real estate agent.

…..A lack of plan is a proof of failure.

Before you take any critical step, ensure you have developed a plan for it.

Don’t just spend money on flashy and fanciful gadgets. They don’t majorly contribute to you achieving success in your real estate agency.

Put first things first……

You’ve got to design a plan for your business before launching out…..

Majority of the failures recorded in real estate market among real estate agents is as a result of lack of plan.

They don’t have a plan, so they ended up failing.….

For you to taste success in your real estate agency

You should go with a plan. Develop a workable plan for your business and craft strategies on how to achieve it. Also, have goals on different time bases and devise the best strategies you will adapt to achieve them.

In setting your goals, ensure they are SMART goals.

Smart goals are goals that specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and time-bound.

Don’t just come up with a goal without a practical means of achieving it.

‘Do not say for example, “I want to close 20 deals monthly” without writing how you will do that.

You should determine how you will achieve such goals….

…… You should devise thorough strategies to generate a lead. You should know how you will follow up with prospects and clients.

You must have ready systems you can adapt to track and measure your performance and results towards achieving your goals. It is also important that you don’t try to make things easier and faster by cutting corners.

In achieving success in your real estate business, there are no shortcuts. Sometimes your plans might not work but stick with them, tweak them if necessary until you achieve your success


  1. Leverage on technology

Technology is a tool to fast track your journey of success in your real estate business.

You can’t stay relevant as a real estate agent in this digital age without embracing the technological tools available for your profit.

If you are not ready to leverage on technology, then be prepared to fizzle out of business in no distant time.

Technology has come to stay and with it are great tools you can use to maximize profits and attain your desired goals.

You have to take out time to know about the various technological tools you can use, learn them and deploy them to your advantage.

These technological tools can do much more for you as you can save time, cost, stay in tune with clients and increase your market share as you get to maximize profits and relevance.

Technology can also help you to stick to your goals as there are accountability tools that can help you measure your progress and make adjustments where needed.

  1. Keep learning

To remain relevant as a real estate agent in educating your clients, you must keep educating yourself.

It is important you stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in the world of real estate.

Do not stay with outdated knowledge with the thought that you are leading in your field. A secret that guarantees you success in real estate business is to keep learning.

Don’t stop learning…..

Spend time and money to keep enriching your intellect with the most recent tabs in the field.

Doing this will not only give you success but keep you at a competitive edge above your colleagues.

  1. Be positive minded

You are the product of your thoughts….

You become what you think most often than not…

What thoughts flow through you? Are they positive thoughts or negative thoughts? As a real estate agent, you need always to stay positive. Be optimistic that the deals you are pursuing with clients and prospects will be successful.

Don’t let little delay or setbacks to becloud your mind with negative thoughts.

A principle that has helped many agents is optimism…..

Stay optimistic and you see deals coming to you.

  1. Walk with patience and persistence

After all, has been said and done, there is the need to put in patience and persistence on your journey to success in real estate world.

When it seems nothing is happening, be patient and persistent till you have success. When you lose hope, keep walking with patience and persistence.

When it appears it is taking longer time than expected to actualize your goals, don’t jettison patience and persistence.

The way of patience and persistence is the right way to go on the journey of attaining success in real estate. Times will come when you need to be patient with prospects and clients and persistently follow up on them until a deal is sealed.

There might be some resistances and oppositions, still, keep on with your journey.

Don’t lose out on the fight for patience and persistence….

…..Stay on course even after rejections and failures.

That’s a principle that will give you success.

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