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Suntan Beach, Badagry : [ Pictures and Honest Review]

1 1 - Suntan Beach, Badagry : [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Suntan Beach [SB], which is also sometimes called Badagry Beach or Coconut Beach, is a beach located in the Badagry area of Lagos, just as the name implies.


You’ll find this beach at “Km 67, Seme Border expressway, Badagry, Lagos”.

Suntan is a beach that scores quite well in all the aspects that matter for a beach; so if trying to determine whether SB is worthwhile visiting is what brought you here, then let me quickly tell you that “Yes, SB is worth visiting.”.

The paragraphs above provide the overview you need about Suntan, but there’s a lot more I can tell you.

So stick with me till the end of this content.


Getting in and parking

Even though Suntan is an open beach, having fun on it requires paying.

For kids,

N200 is the entrance fee, while for adults, it’s N500. This is the same price that applies on Saturdays and Sundays.

But on other special days [e.g. Christmas day], the entrance fee may experience a change.

As for those coming with cars, SB has a spacious place where you can park your car.

And regardless of how busy things are, you should easily find a good parking space.


As you’ll expect, parking your car requires paying. And this fee per car is N300.



Horse riding

Horse riding is an activity you’ll find at Suntan, just like in most other beaches in Lagos.

There are lots of horses there every day, so there’s never going to be anything like, “The horses were all taken.”.

But not only are there horses at the beach, but these horses are also in much better conditions, compared to most of those I’ve seen in many other places in Lagos; these horses look well-fed, highly energetic, and happy.

As for the price for a ride, all you need is N1,000. This N1,000 is what applies for both kids and adults.



Swimming is of course one of the activities available in Suntan. People are allowed to swim in the beach water.

But unlike some other places, I’ve never spotted a lifeguard; in other words, if you’re not an experienced ocean swimmer, I will strongly recommend against swimming deep into the water.



As you will expect,

Suntan Beach features restaurants, bars, and local food vendors, from which you can buy refreshments.

The restaurants and bars are quite below standard, but in terms of food hygiene, I’ve never had any health issues; however, this doesn’t mean I will vouch for them when it comes to food hygiene.

As regards whether foods are allowed from outside, the answer is “Yes”.

You can bring any food or drink along with you.

And the best part is, you won’t have to pay any corkage fee.


Opening days & hours

Suntan Beach is a place open on all the days of a year.

But as you will expect, there are some rare occasions when the beach’s doors get closed.

As for the opening hours, this is another 24-hours-a-day beach.

But while it’s open for 24 hours daily, I don’t know how safe it is to be present on the beach between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am of the next day.


Things worthwhile mentioning

You can put on a revealing outfit [e.g. bikini]

If you’ve been to a lot of beaches in Lagos, one thing you may have come to learn is that it isn’t okay to put on revealing outfits at some of these beaches.

And if you wonder where Suntan stands in this aspect, the fact is, you can put on such here.

2 1 - Suntan Beach, Badagry : [ Pictures and Honest Review]


I must warn that there may be days when you won’t find a lot of people putting on such as well.

But even though it’s okay to put on revealing outfits, this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to go extreme.


Bathing and changing facilities are available

After having a fun time at Suntan, you may like to take a bath and change your clothes, before heading home; if you find yourself in this kind of situation, doing so should be no problem; Suntan has facilities you can make use of for these, a thing you won’t find at many other beaches in Lagos.


Coconut water price — N100

At SB,

Coconut water is one of those things you can refresh yourself with.

And all it takes to enjoy this drink, is N100.

During your visit,

I’ll recommend trying it out, although I must also warn that you should avoid taking it in excess.


The road to the beach is bad

The road leading to Suntan is a terrible road.

It gets even worse during the rainy season.

So if you have an SUV, I’ll suggest coming with it instead.

And for those who don’t have SUVs, consider taking an Uber, to avoid having your car damaged on this road.


There are hotels around

Suntan Beach itself doesn’t have a place to lodge at.

But if you’ll love to spend days close to the beach, this won’t be a problem, as there are many hotels [resort, guest house, etc] around the area.

And just to make things easier, the names of some of these places to find accommodations are —

  • La’Nova Continental Hotel;
  • Zino Hotels International;
  • Whispering Palms Resort;
  • Paradise Guest House;
  • Sycamore Hotels Ltd;
  • Crystal Guest Lodge; and
  • De Julie Hotels.


Shelter price — N3,000

If you’ll like to spend time at Suntan during hours when the sun is shining, you’ll need a shelter.

And I like the kind of shelter provided at the beach, compared to those you’ll find at most other beaches in Lagos.

3 1 - Suntan Beach, Badagry : [ Pictures and Honest Review]

As the title says,

The cost of a single shelter is N3,000.


I must add that there are times when they may try to overcharge you; in short, be smart.

I’ve further heard that it’s possible to pay less than N3,000 per shelter, but I’ve not been able to confirm this.


It is pretty big


Unlike many beaches in Lagos, is very big.

4 1 - Suntan Beach, Badagry : [ Pictures and Honest Review]

And the bigness of the beach makes it even more fun.

For instance,

If your group will like to engage in activities that involve using a lot of space [e.g. beach soccer], this won’t be a problem, and you also won’t have to make other people inconvenient in the process.


It is quite neat

The neatness of Suntan Beach is another thing I consider worthwhile mentioning.

The place is of course not the neatest I’ve seen, but still, you shouldn’t have to complain about the neatness.


Questions you may have

When is the best time to come?

The best time to visit Suntan Beach depends on what kind of experience you’ll like.

If you’ll love a peaceful experience, consider coming on a weekday, especially in the morning; during this period, the place is often devoid of many people.

As for the people who’ll prefer an exciting experience, consider coming on a Saturday or a Sunday.

You can also consider coming on a special day; during these periods, people are usually many at Suntan; even if you’re not going to be joining the groups of people you don’t know, seeing a lot of people having fun will consequentially also put you in an excited state.


Is the place safe?


Suntan Beach is safe.

The beach is protected by armed security officers.

But when things get dark, I don’t know how safe the place is.



Suntan Beach isn’t a special beach.

But if you’ll love to visit a beach, it’s one of those you should shortlist for consideration.

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