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Sure-fire Ways To Price Your House To Sell ASAP

Sure-fire Ways To Price Your House To Sell ASAP


It is something we often hear — the real estate industry is not easy, and things are getting tougher every day. Oh yeah, this is true. Not only is the industry getting tougher against buyers, but it is also getting tougher against sellers. Buyers are faced with problems like overpaying for a house, losing deals, buying the wrong house, etc. Sellers are faced with problems like inability to sell a house, selling of house at a poor price. This article is dedicated to one of the problems faced by sellers, ‘the inability to sell a house.’


When selling a house, the asking price of the house plays a crucial way in how fast a house will sell. If you know how to price your house well, there are high chances that your house will sell in no time. Likewise, if you do not know how to price it well, you may find it difficult to sell the house in a short period.


Now, the question is: do you know how to price your house to sell as soon as possible? No? Well, that is no problem; most home sellers do not know how to. Knowing this is what prompted me into writing this article. This article will teach you ways to price your house properly so that it can sell fast. Here we go.


  1. Use A Corresponding Asking Price

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A lot of sellers often make the mistake of overpricing a house. Sellers often feel it is a good thing if they can sell their house at a more high price. Well, it is a cool thing, but this can be a potential factor that can inhibit a house from selling fast. In short, it is advisable not to overprice your house.


When you want to sell a house, the first thing to do is to hire a professional who will help evaluate the worth of your house. After the professional has evaluated the house, I strongly recommend that you stick to the real worth of your house. If possible, you should strip off some percentages of the real value of your home. Before you protest about this idea, note that your purpose is to sell a house as soon as possible.


  1. Hire At Least Three Evaluators And Go For The Lowest Price


I could have discussed this when discussing the first tip. However, I did not because I want to lay strong emphasis on the importance of using the right asking price. Just like I said earlier, the first thing that you should do when trying to sell your house is to hire a professional who will help in evaluating your house. Unfortunately, some professionals do poor jobs in evaluating a house. If you fall into the hands of such professionals, you will be given a wrong worth of your house which is not so helpful.


To save yourself from falling prey of this problem, it is strongly advised that you hire at least 3 professionals to help you evaluate your home. The probability that 3 professional will do a poor job at the same time is low, and this is good. After all your evaluators have done their job, I advise you to go for the lowest worth among all the worths given by the evaluators. Why? The lowest price is often the truest worth.


  1. Use Appealing Asking Prices

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A lot of powerful things going on in our mind without us noticing. When you see prices ending with 9’s, what comes to your mind? E.g., N1, 999, 999. Nothing? Okay, what if you want to choose between two similar houses to buy? House A costs N2, 000, 000 and house B costs N1, 999, 999. House B, right? Yes. We often see things like this in supermarkets’ advertisement, but often do not know what it means. Prices that end with 9’s are what I regard as appealing.


Subconsciously, the human mind regards such prices as cheap. Thus people often go with items having such prices. Why do you have to miss out? Why not apply the same strategy to pricing your house? For instance, if you decide to sell your house for N2, 000, 000, why can’t you just tag it as N1, 999, 999. Logically, there is no difference, but subconsciously, there is a lot of difference. So why miss out?


  1. Avoid Using Alarming Asking Prices


‘Alarming asking prices,’ that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Something almost all sellers do not know is that there are alarming prices. Alarming prices are prices like N1, 456, 777. Imagine that you are a buyer who came across a house listed at that price. How will you feel at first? Repulsive? Yes, that is it. This kind of prices subconsciously raise the alarm in the mind of buyers and discourages them from buying such houses.


When you are trying to price your house to sell as soon as possible, you are strongly advised to refrain from using alarming asking prices. An illustration of the negative effect of using alarming asking prices has just been made, hence avoid them.


  1. Don’t Be Rigid To The Pricing


How many times do houses get sold at their asking price? You do not know? Well, the percentage of houses that get sold at their asking price is so low that it can be ignored. Sadly, some people make the mistake of being rigid about how much they want to sell their house, and this often makes it quite difficult to sell a house.


When you want to sell your house, it will do you some good if you can see things from the perspective of a buyer. When a buyer wishes to buy a house, they are not always ready to buy a house at its asking price. However, if you remain rigid on the price, you are indirectly driving them off. In short, try to be flexible about the price at which you want to sell your house.

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