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Company: Tessa Homes

Value Provided: Content Creation SEO Site Speed Optimization

Summary of the Task

Marketing in the digital economy may be unpredictable. Even if you do everything correctly, Google may release an update that modifies the meta information. However, it is the responsibility of digital marketing companies to make their clients aware of these difficulties.

This was not the case for Tessa Homes. They had no idea how their website was truly working since they engaged with an agency that withheld critical performance analytics. They were on the lookout for a company that would actually listen to them this time. Realestateko was the result of this search.

Tessa Homes has had a 1,362 position increase in their Google ranking since Realestateko began working with them in April of 2021. This is how we made it happen.

Our Strategy

A few hurdles had to be cleared because of how the site was maintained by the former company that Tessa Homes worked with. The issue we faced was to provide Tessa Homes more transparency and control over their digital marketing. This is what we set out to do. This is how we did it, in detail:

Site Content That Is Both Robust and Unique

For each business, the content requirements are different. We discovered that Tessa Homes required up to 25 new local and major pages on their website through our conversation. These pages were optimized for SEO by doing local and industry-specific keyword research.

We also had to deal with the fact that they had duplicate material. There was a lot of text on their website that had been copied and pasted from a site building agency’s templates (the same templates used for their other clients).

 These pages were modified with the help of our content team to make them more relevant to Tessa Homes.

Website Speed Optimization

We wanted to make sure that our other efforts weren’t wasted because of a sluggish website.
We were able to uncover and address a number of issues with their site’s performance by doing a Google Search Console audit.

Access to Full Report

The other agency denied Tessa Home access to Google Analytics and website hosting. Our customer had little to no insight into their marketing performance and couldn’t make smart changes.

Instead, we helped Tessa Homes create their own accounts so they could view their data directly. Our staff provided access to this login information. Tessa Homes knew how their site performed and we know how to improve their strategy.

Since working with Realrestateko, the clients that we’ve retained from the digital marketing ad spend have doubled.

The Result

Tessa Homes experienced an 8.41 percent rise in organic traffic and a 116 percent increase in target completions over the last three months.

Their conversion rates have grown by 81.25 percent since the campaign began.

Their keyword ranks improved by 1,362 spots on Google and 943 positions on Bing. 18 keywords rank on the first page of Google (10 of those being in the top three positions).

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