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Top Reasons to Invest in Jacksonville North Carolina

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Top Reasons to Invest in Jacksonville North Carolina

Looking to invest in Jacksonville, North Carolina? This city is known for its military population, as it is the home of both the New River Air Station and Camp Lejeune. If you are wondering if this is the place for you to invest in, you will learn everything you need to know about this city and the housing market to help with this decision .


About Jacksonville, North Carolina

To understand “Why” you should invest in real estate Jacksonville, it helps to learn more about this city. There are some interesting things to know about this city. Forbes ranked Jacksonville the 5th fastest growing small city in the U.S. in 2014. It is also considered to be one of the youngest cities in the U.S. as far as its demographics with an average age of about 23. The younger age of the demographic here can be attributed to the large military population in the city as well as the recent boom in population.

Housing Trends in Jacksonville, North Carolina

The median list price of homes in this city is about $189,900. There is a trend with these prices going up since September 2019. Homes do tend to sell quickly here, with homes typically only staying on the market for a few months. This is definitely a seller’s market, with high demand for homes with a low supply. As long as this trend continues, selling property is going to be a good investment.

The Military Population

As there is a large military population in Jacksonville, North Carolina, there are frequently homes going on the market as these military families relocate to new assignments. This population has also caused many foreclosures in the area, which also creates a seller’s market if these foreclosures are not resolved.

Plenty of Tourism Opportunities

What you may not know is that Jacksonville, North Carolina is also a popular seaside retreat for people who want to get away. This city has plenty of great restaurants, amazing views of the river, and even amazing beaches along the river. Whether tourists want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown or they want a relaxing retreat along the river, there is plenty of opportunities for everyone to find something to love about this area. What this means for you is that you can not just invest in property to buy and sell or lease, you could also try dipping your toe into the vacation rental industry in this city.


There are plenty of investment opportunities in Jacksonville, North Carolina. You can flip properties to earn a profit or become a landlord. You could also rent out vacation properties for tourists looking for a getaway that oozes that renowned Southern charm. You just need to do your research and figure out which investment opportunities are the best for you. It can help to work with a reputable real estate agent in the area, who may be able to give you some excellent advice about investing in Jacksonville, North Carolina.







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