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Summary of the Task

US-based Veterans Marketing Group with sole aim of buying and selling homes in Illinois, USA approached realestateko when they were looking for a solution that would promote their benefits, increase team efficiency, and give faster and consistent service to their clients.

In order to convince, create leads, and collect data from clients, their customer response unit’s workload grows every three months. In addition, the HR department has to deal with a constant stream of time-wasters and internet trolls.

A virtual HR assistant, powered by Realestateko’s AI chatbot, was implemented by the agency. Over 80 frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available, as well as 50+ dialog flows addressing common concerns about housing and locations, inspections, time off, reporting, and vacations.

They were able to lower the response time to 9 Seconds with this improvement thanks to the AI-Powered HR virtual assistant chatbot technology.

Our Strategy


Chatbots’ generic responses to customers might have a number of drawbacks. In order to create a more meaningful customer experience, especially in the context of non-human contact, personalization is essential.

A key part of Vererans Marketing’s marketing plan was to generate website leads even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Increased attempts were made to engage customers more directly and at a larger scale online when the country went into lockdown.

Increasing numbers of individuals are spending the majority of their waking hours online. The challenge for Vererans Marketing was to reach a large number of people while also maintaining a high level of relevance and personalization in their communications.

Automated Self-Service System

In order to eliminate the need for clients to stand in line or speak with a service representative, Veterans Marketing automated its customer service.

Customers are verified by email once a chatbot establishes a connection with Veterans Marketing. Customers may use the chatbot to set up property inspections and s would no longer have to wait in a long customer support queue for simple requests like receiving photos and getting answers to simple queries.

Quality Leads Generation

The primary goal of a customer care chatbot is to assist customers with questions or problems they may have regarding a brand’s product or service. But that doesn’t rule out upselling or qualifying leads for sales.
Veterans Marketing employs a chatbot to collect leads for their real estate business and then forwards them to sales for further conversation and closure.

With Parker, we have an AI chatbot to assist our customer support team. There has been a significant shift in the quality of our telephone customer support; simple issues have decreased while calls needing human knowledge have taken over.

The Results

Veterans Marketing has boosted their engagement with clients by using their conversational chatbots, Parker. The typical chat lasts between three and five minutes, which is longer than the two-minute-and-09-seconds policies were aimed by the corporation. For every new lead created, 26 percent of those leads were converted into sales.

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Help your sales team save Hours and months of work, our AI chatbot can help you quickly detect and adjust your buyer journey in real-time. Contact Realestateko today for more information.

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