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Video Marketing: How It Can Prove Very Helpful For Real Estate Marketing

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I’ve been in the Nigerian real estate industry for a good number of years, and I have been involved in a countless number of marketing programmes.

In my earlier years of working on such projects, the success of my programmes was often unpredictable. At times, some programmes succeed beyond expectations, and at times they perform terribly.

But after the failure of a particular marketing programme which cost my client and I a lot of time and money, I decided to sit down, understand why some of my programmes failed and why some succeeded impressively. And with this reflection,

I discovered something pretty interesting.

Almost all my marketing works which didn’t succeed have one thing in common: they were too stuffy. And by too stuffy, I mean they tried to tell potential customers too much.

For instance, some pictures had so many things on them, that it was incredibly hard for customers to focus on anything. And as a result, customers often leave without picking up any meaningful information. So figuring out a solution to this problem led me to discover that this kind of problem is exactly what video marketing is meant to address.

To put directly,

Video marketing is designed for situations where you have to pass customers more information than you could pass using text or graphics. In other words, video marketing is not an over-hype or an alternative. You should rather see it as another tool in your toolbox. And when you feel it is the best tool for what you intend doing, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it.

While the point I’ve made with the paragraphs above, is the chief reason why video marketing should be embraced, there are other benefits.

Some other things you could benefit from this, are as follows:

It would Improve Your Search Engine Performance

With more and more websites appearing every day, Google and every other search engine is always looking for ways to filter great websites from the poor and bad ones. And if you take a careful look at things, it’s not difficult to see that sites with good videos are often great sites.

Search engine companies have also noticed this, and they now use this as a criterion for raking.

In short, video marketing may not only be the best strategy for some types of marketing, it can also help improve your website’s search engine performance.


The demand for video contents continues to rise. And that’s why you can see YouTube, TikTok, Likee, and the likes growing at impressive rates.

But despite how videos are in high demand, their supply is still quite limited; there are still many entities which haven’t started creating videos, even though they understand the importance. So it isn’t uncommon to see websites [which haven’t started creating videos] referring their audience to video contents of other websites.

In short, another benefit you could get from video marketing is having other businesses and websites referring potential customers to your contents.


Video marketing truly demands more time, money, etc. But if you want to succeed in this ever-competitive Nigerian real estate industry, you have to start taking video marketing seriously.

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