Why You Should Never Attempt to Fix Your Own Roof?

 Fix Your Own Roof


Some homeowners love to think of themselves as do-it-yourself (DIY) experts – you may be one of them too. Perhaps you’ve previously repaired some furniture pieces, replaced a few lightbulbs, or fixed some leaks in your kitchen sink. Further, if your roof currently has some damage and would require a few repairs, you may think it’s also a piece of cake. Unfortunately, fixing your roof isn’t the same as repairing a furniture piece or building a fence around your property.   

You probably saw some homeowners and their successful do-it-yourself roof repair projects on the internet. Although the DIY route is the cheapest approach, it’s also the most dangerous both for your safety and your roof’s condition. Even the tiniest mistake in your DIY roof repair process could put you in danger of falling off the roof or worsening the roof’s current damage.  

If you’re still not convinced, this feature will present the dangers of DIY roof repair projects and a few reasons why you should never attempt to fix your own roof. Keep on reading to learn more. 


  • You’re Putting Yourself At Risk Of Being Badly Injured  

The number one reason you should never try to fix your own roof is safety reasons. If you repair your backyard fence and hit your finger with a hammer, you can quickly apply a first-aid kit. But if you missed a single step during a DIY roof repair, not only will you slip but also fall and be severely injured from a high elevation. A ten-foot fall can already leave you with fractures, broken bones, brain injury, or in the worst case, death.  

Besides the dangers of falling off the roof, other hazards and risks are still present when you try to fix your own roof. Stings from insects like wasps and bees, unpredictable weather in the United States, and tree branches getting in the way can all be very dangerous for you. Ultimately, your roof is considered one of the riskiest areas in your residence.   

Meanwhile, if you hire professional roofers in Virginia and others, they have the complete safety equipment to keep them safe while they fix the roof. Aside from their helmets, pads, boots, and ladders, they also use a harness to secure themselves while they reach tall roofs. So, keep yourself safe and hire a roofing company in Fairfax or other roof repair services in your locality. 


  • Your Attempted ‘Repairs’ Could Cause Long-term Damage 

Repairing a roof will require knowledge and years of experience. It’s not as easy as replacing old light bulbs or repairing a small pipe leak. Without prior knowledge and sufficient skills, your attempted repairs might only cause long-term damage and even cost you more. Remember, roofs are made from various materials and every material uses different methods of installation and handling. 

For instance, if you’ve improperly installed one shingle, that shingle could crack, get loose, or go missing and cause leaks into your house, bringing in more problems. Hence, to avoid any long-term damage and mess-ups, it’s best to leave the roof repair project to the experts.  

  • You May Not Find The Same Quality Of Materials 

One advantage of hiring professional roofers to fix your roof is that they have access to the top-notch roofing material suppliers in the industry. No matter what kind of material you have for your roof, they can easily retrieve the materials together with the warranties and guarantees. Plus, since they usually buy home roof materials in bulk, they can get high-quality stuff at a huge discount. 

Meanwhile, if you try to fix your roof by yourself, you’ll need to take your time in obtaining the same materials your roof currently has, which can be costly. And since buying in bulk by yourself can be expensive, some of you may be forced to go for cheaper materials with inferior quality to save money. Unfortunately, using low-quality materials for your DIY roof repair will make your roof less durable and be at risk of wearing down sooner than expected.  

So, to ensure your roof uses high-quality materials, let the professional roofers provide the roofing materials and complete the roof repair project.

  • You Might Not Be Pleased With The Results 

Besides their functionality, roofs also add an aesthetic appeal to your home’s exteriors. Henceforth, repairing your roof should be done correctly to ensure it looks good. Professional roofers will ensure your shingles are properly aligned and all the colors and shades matched to come up with a visually appealing result. 

In contrast, if you insist on fixing the roof by yourself, you wouldn’t be sure if you’ll love the results. Maybe the shingles are not as properly aligned as you’ve expected, or there’s a slight difference from the new shingle’s color to the rest of the roof. If you want a roof that you can be proud of and boosts your residence’s curb aesthetic, it’s better to have it fixed by a roofing company.  

Key Takeaway 

Fixing a roof can be dangerous and time-consuming, and it’ll take longer if you try to do it yourself. So, save yourself from all the stress, danger, and unnecessary cost by hiring professional roofers to fix your roof. They can do it fast, fix it right, and ensure that your roof comes out beautifully and more durable than ever.

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