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Company: Willow Properties

Value Provided: SEO, Site Traffic Improvement.

Summary of the Task

It would be an understatement to say that the period after COVID-19 was trying for companies. Thousands of businesses were forced to close their doors. Willow Properties was one of the firms affected by this.

With a focus on real estate consultation and contracts, the lack of physical sites hampered their ability to meet with clients. Their response was to take advantage of the changeover to a purely digital service, which they did. As a result, they needed to expand their digital footprint. Realestateko was hired to help them achieve this goal.

After working together for several years, Willow Properties trusted our firm to guide them through this change and increase their online visibility. Consequently, we began helping them increase their web presence in November 2020 to better prepare for a wholly digital service offering. With this, we were able to assist Willow Properties rise 1,013 positions in Google search results. Find out how we achieved this and more in the following paragraphs.

Our Strategy

We noticed a significant potential in Willow Properties’ SEO because of their renewed commitment to a stronger online presence. It was a primary goal of ours to bring a larger audience to their website.

Keyword Analysis

Realestateko has already helped Willow Properties rank for a few keywords. The first step was making certain that the older target keywords were still performing as expected before moving on to the new ones. When we discovered that their primary keyword list was still doing well, we were pleased. In light of the fact that their service was now totally digital, we felt comfortable using new words.

To see how well Willow Properties stacked up against the competition, we ran a search engine results page study (SERPs). With the aid of this, we were able to figure out what we might do differently to improve our utilization of those terms.

Algorithm Rankings Recovered from Previous Iterations

Google recently announced an algorithm update that has a negative impact on websites like Willow Properties. After the upgrade, Willow Properties will lose hundreds of search engine positions.

We had to spend more time than normal developing an extensive and powerful new keyword profile to counter this algorithm. Even a little increase in ranks would be overshadowed by the loss of rankings due to the new algorithm.

Focused Website Pages

We discovered that specialty, long-tail keywords would be the most effective in our search engine optimization efforts. Because of the client’s expertise, we chose to focus on keywords such as “quick,” “easy,” and “online opportunity.” These distinct selling qualities prompted the creation of 10 landing pages.

81 keywords were in the top three positions of SERPs at the beginning of this campaign in October 2020. Those positions have more than quadrupled to 540 by August 2021.

The Result

The best results from this campaign were in the keyword ranks for Willow Properties. They had 81 keywords ranking in the top three SERPs at the beginning of this campaign in October 2020. That number has more than quadrupled to 540 as of August 2021.

They’ve climbed 1,013 spots in the search engine results as a result.

During the last year, Willow Properties has seen steady growth and a regular influx of new visitors thanks to these improvements in their search engine results.

Google’s algorithm upgrade, which targeted the sector, had no long-term effect on us. Their ranks recovered completely and even went up a notch from where they were before the change.

Maximize Your Real Estate Internet Marketing

A well-established SEO and digital marketing plan will help ease your Real estate digital marketing woes, whether they are caused by a pandemic or an algorithm update. Realestateko’s expertise makes it easy to implement this type of plan. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you promote your real estate company in a way that works best for you.

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