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Alpha Beach Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

01 3 - Alpha Beach Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Alpha Beach is a great beach located in the Lekki area of Lagos.

The beach is a place worthwhile of visiting, and the fact that a lot of people come there every day, is enough evidence to back up this claim.

If you have heard about this beach and would like to learn about it, you have come to the right place.

In this article,

I’ll discuss every important thing you may like to know about the beach.

So stick with me till the end of this content.



As stated above,

Alpha Beach is located in the Lekki area of Lagos.

For people coming from the Mainland, take a car or bus to Lekki-Ajah, and stop at the area called “New Road, Alpha Beach”. When you get to this location, find a bike, and tell the bike-man you’re going to ”Alpha Beach”; the beach is a very popular place, so the bike man should know the place.

As for people coming from areas like Ajah, the information provided in the paragraph above, is also what’s needed; simply find a way to get to the area called “New Road, Alpha Beach”. Then from this area, take a bike to the beach.


Entrance fee

The entrance fee for getting into the Alpha beach is N1,000.

The fee is of course per head, so if there are two people visiting – you’ll be paying N2,000.

And for those who wonder if this fee is also what applies to children, the answer is “YES”. So if you’re a mum going with three under-5-years-old kids, you’re going to be paying N4,000, nothing less.


It is unknown if entrance fees will also be demanded for babies.


Unlike some resorts where the fees change on holidays, the entrance fee never changes at Alpha.


Opening hours

Alpha Beach is claimed to be open 24/7.

But while you may think it’ll be okay to walk to the beach at any time, I won’t recommend ever doing such.

The beach has quite poor security, so if you go to the beach when it’s dark, You might be at risk.

In other words,

Even though the beach is open 24/7, you should only step into it after 7 am, and by 6 pm, you should be out of the beach, unless there are many of you.

As regards how many days a year the beach opens, the beach ordinarily opens on all the 365 (or 366) days of a year. In other words, this beach is also one of those you can visit on holidays.



Alpha is not the kind of place to go, when you’ll like to partake in a lot of fun activities alone. In other words, if you don’t organize activities by yourself, you shouldn’t expect much from visiting this beach.


For those who aren’t ready to organize their own activities and just want something, you can ride the horses available. Horse riding is fun, so you should have some fun doing it.

02 3 - Alpha Beach Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Why you may like the beach

The good chance of meeting someone new

For anyone who’s in doubt about Alpha being fun, one thing I think you should be aware of is that, at the beach, there exists a great chance of meeting someone new.

A lot of people do come to the place, so it is very common for guys to meet new friends and for girls to meet new friends.

In fact,

Almost every day there are cases of guys meeting girls they find very desirable.


The wide variety of dishes available

When it comes to the variety of dishes available at Alpha Beach, many other beaches in Lagos can compete with Alpha.

The variety of dishes available at this beach are just so much that almost everyone who comes to the places never fails to mention it.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’ll find any food you can ever think of.


The cleanliness

For someone like me,

Dirty environments are things I loathe. And I know there are many people like that.

So if you’re the kind who has been avoiding some places because you don’t know how clean they area, Alpha Beach is never a thing to worry about.

When it comes to cleanliness, I will give the management of the beach a good rating.

In fact,

Even on days like Sundays and on public holidays, the beach is usually clean.


The view

One other thing you may appreciate about Alpha Beach is its view.

The view of the beach is just too impressive.

I know you may have been to many beaches in Lagos, but if you’re yet to visit Alpha, I’m going to say you haven’t seen it all.

Words can not describe how impressive the view is, and the best thing will be for you to visit the place yourself.


Why you may not be pleased

While there are things that will make you excited about visiting Alpha, there are also things you may not be pleased about; and I’ll spend this section discussing them.


The bad road leading to the beach

The road leading to Alpha is a pretty bad road. In fact, I’m yet to come across a person who didn’t notice that.


The condition of the road is manageable when things are dry, but when things are wet (like after a rainfall), the road becomes just too unbearable.

So unless you’re really willing to deal with the bad road, it’s advisable that you visit the beach only when things are dry.


The lack of proper management

While Alpha Beach is a great place to visit, the beach lacks proper management.

The place seems to be manage by touts.

So if there’s ever the need to speak with someone on certain matters, you may end up disappointed.


The Touts

Alpha is a place you’ll find a good number of touts. As a result, being present in this place at night, can be dangerous.


If you’re the kind who gets very angry easily, it may be best to avoid going there alone, so that you don’t get into fights with the touts.


I should rather suggest that when going to the place, you should go in multiples, to be able to protect yourself from problems that may want to come from the touts at the place.


Please don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean the beach is a place to be scared of going to. I’m only trying to ask you to be careful when at beach.


Things to be aware of

There are tents available for those willing to pay extra

Very often,

I have heard dads and mums say things like, “I can’t take my family to that place. When the sun comes around, there will be no tent for us to stay under.”.


If you’re one of such people, I’ll like to inform you that there are tents available at Alpha, but you’ll have to pay.

You can bring your refreshments

I’ve been to many interesting places in Lagos, and the statement, “You’re not allowed to bring refreshments in.”, is something I’ve come across a lot.

And for some, this refusal to allow people to bring refreshments in, is a serious reason why they hardly visit this kind of places.

In short,

If you’re a mum whose concerned about whether you’re allowed to bring refreshments in for family picnic, be assured you won’t have any problem when it comes to Alpha.


One thing you should note, to avoid embarrassments, is that after you’re done, make sure you dispose your waste properly.


Things not allowed at the beach

Beaches do have lists of things they won’t allow. However, when it comes to Alpha Beach, I don’t know of anything they won’t allow on the beach.

In other words,

If you smoke, I don’t think you should have any problem doing so, as long as you don’t disturb other people with it.


I won’t advise anyone to bring in drugs, even though I’m yet to come across any warning against such.


Event types suitable to be hosted at the beach

Having been to Alpha a lot of times and paid attention to a lot of things, I’ll say any event that involves not more than 32 people, should be okay to be hosted at the beach.


Note that I would never recommend hosting an event at night.


If you’re going to bring kids to the beach, ensure there’s going to be someone who’ll look after them all through.

03 3 - Alpha Beach Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]




I believe Alpha will be a very great place to visit.

I think it’ll be a thoughtful place for guys to bring their partners to, to spend some time together and connect with each other even better.

It’ll further be a great place for small birthday hangouts.

And as regards what day will be best to visit, I’ll say consider visiting on a Saturday.


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